Best Price for GDS-300/200 as of Today


High C/P Ratio! It’s Worth Owning One!

The brilliant design and unique features of GDS-300/200 have become a stunning attraction to a group of users who enjoy the full-fledged functions and user-friendly operations of this portable scope since its availability in the market.


To encourage more users to experience the convenience of full touch screen operation and the handiness of Scope-DMM feature, GW Instek is reducing the MSRP for GDS-300 and GDS-200 series as of today. With less than US$800, you can bring home an easy-to-carry and intuitively operative full touch screen digital oscilloscope.


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Items GDS-207 GDS-210 GDS-220 GDS-307 GDS-310 GDS-320
New MSRP €799 €899 €1,150 €950 €1,125 €1,385
Original MSRP €982 €1,227 €1,638 €1,227 €1,535 €2,048



The Features of GDS-300/GDS-200:

  • 200/100/70MHz Bandwidth Selections, Two Input Channels
  • 1GSa/s Maximum Sample Rate
  • Max. 5M/CH Memory of GDS-300; Max. 1M/CH Memory of GDS-200
  • 7” 800 x 480 Full-Touch LCD Screen, Landscape and Portrait Display
  • Built-In 50,000 Counts DMM(GDS-300 Series) ; Built-In 5,000 Counts DMM(GDS-200 Series)
  • 30,000 Consecutive Waveform Records Logging Function, Replay Measurement Results Any Time
  • Built-In Engineering Calculator, SMD Resistance Coding, Color Coding Info, and Attenuator Calculation Application Software
  • Temperature Measurement (GDS-300 Series only)
  • Optional Differential Probe to Achieve Isolation Effect