MPO-2000 Promotion Package






Until Aug. 31, 2024, customers who place orders can get MPO-2000P series products at the price of MPO-2000B series products (free MP2-PRO). In other words, customers can get a full-featured MPO-2000P with a smaller budget.







PS: Customers who place orders from now until Aug. 31, 2024 may receive instruments with the nameplate of MPO-2000B or MPO-2000P. We will upgrade the Basic version before shipment, and the functions and specifications will be exactly the same as those of the Professional version.



The MPO-2000 Multi-function Programmable Oscilloscope launched by GW Instek is a five-in-one instrument with a built-in oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, digital multimeter and DC Power Supply. We innovatively introduced the Python script function into MPO- 2000, allowing users to program and set up a small automated test system for single-unit testing or multi-unit collaborative testing without the need of a PC. The emergence of the MPO-2000 is extremely conducive to repeatable and diverse manual measurements. With the assistance of Python script, product testing efficiency can be effectively improved.



MPO-2000 provides Basic and Professional versions. The Professional version provides superior specifications and functions, including:


  1. Bandwidth: 200MHz
  2. More advanced bus decoding: CAN-FD/USB 2.0(FS); additional FlexRay/USB-PD/ I2S Decode
  3. Supporting USB CDC ACM Class (can be used as a mainframe to control multiple instruments)
  4. Support USB HID Class (can realize mouse and keyboard control and support bar code scanner under the control of Python script)
  5. Python GUI library
  6. Python could access 100,000 points waveform data processing, which is 100 times of Basic version.
  7. Program memory space for Python script execution: 20MB.
  8. Could package Python program to MPO-Python APP installation file to provide installation on other MPO instruments.




This promotion is only for Europe, USA and selected countries*. Please take advantage of this opportunity to get a full-featured MPO-2000 with a small budget. (*Contact us for availability)


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