Digital Power Meter

A New Choice in Industrial Power Measurement

ASR-3000 Series

Programmable AC/DC Power Source

Uninterrupted AC+DC Transition

GPT-12000 Series

AC/DC/IR/GB Intelligent Safety Analyzer

Analyze Your Safety Tests

LCR-8200 Series

High Frequency LCR Meter

The Smarter Way to Characterize Component

MDO-2000A Series

One Oscilloscope ,Two Domains

Meet your signal analysis requirements on both time domain and frequency domain.

The most economical isolated channel signal generator

New Medical waveforms
Automotive electronics waveforms

PEL-3000H Series

Programmable DC Electronic Load

High current capacity with high resolution can be perfectly fulfilled

Easy to Connect the Future

The Best LoRa Solution in GW Instek

Solve EMI lssues in NO TIME

Help you simplify the identification process of EMI issues

GDM-906X Series

Dual Measurement Multimeter

Measurement Explores~Insight & Efficiency

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