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Automotive test solution - power supply regulation LV148



With the popularization of automotive electronic products, the five major European car manufacturers: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen have jointly upgraded the power system for cars to 48V, which also gave birth to the LV 148 regulation for automotive power systems. With respect to the LV148 regulation, GW power supplies provide effective verification solutions for R&D and quality assurance units in LED headlights, ECU, wiper motors, power windows, car audio, GPS, chargers and other automotive electronic products.



  • Ideal for high-speed voltage variation test (~1000W)

There are many voltage variation tests in the LV148 evaluation test. ASR-2000 cannot deal with the high-speed voltage variation test of up to 300kHz sine wave specified in the "Superimposed AC Voltage" of E48-05, and can be used with conventional DC stabilized power supplies to handle difficult millisecond-level voltage variation tests*


*:Depending on the test conditions and load (DUT), some items may not be supported.

The ASR-2000 series



  • Ideal for software engineers (below 100W)
Software engineers require that drive control boards and developed products are compatible with the existing 12V and LV148 to ensure that the products operate in a stable manner.

The PFR series


  • Ideal for circuit designers/experimental researchers/reliability testers (100W~1600W)

The 48V electrical equipment in LV148 includes "pump", "air conditioner", "motor", "heater", "EPS", "inverter" and drive system. The drive power ranges from several hundred watts to several kilowatts or even higher. The PSW series with power up to 1kW and the PSB-L series up to 1.6kW can be used to evaluate many electrical components, including existing 12V products.




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