Brand Origin

As a global Test & Measurement instrument manufacturer, Good Will Instrument, also known as GW Instek, was founded in 1975 by 3 enthusiastic young men dedicated to the development of cost effective solutions for the electronics industry. GW Instek has become a leading brand in the electronic test and measurement industry with an excellent reputation for quality, reliability, affordable prices and ease of use. It’s these qualities that have made GW Instek one of the most popular brands in test and measurement world. A lot of leading manufacturers around the world choose GW Instek as their T&M instrument provider.

Before the foundation of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd., the electronics industry relied heavily on very expensive electronic test equipment. By providing affordable and durable electronic test equipment, Good Will help electronic industries to reduce the testing cost and increase their competitiveness, establishing the foundation that prospers their future growth potentials.

After the success of providing cost effective measurement solutions for the domestic electronics industry, Good Will instrument looked to expand its footprint internationally. With the brand name, GW Instek, the Taiwanese instrument maker entered the global market, and rapidly expanded. Nowadays, GW Instek has subsidiaries in 5 countries, including Mainland China, America, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. GW Instek products are sold to more than 80 countries worldwide. The product lines have over 300 items ranging from oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal sources, basic test & measurement instruments to other safety & monitoring systems. With durable quality, affordable prices and great performance, GW Instek has earned customers’ trust around the world. 

GW Instek’s commitments to innovation, reliability, and quality promote it to invest at least 7% of annual revenue on Research and Development. Because of its continuous improvement in technology, service quality, and R&D capability, as well as its persistent competitiveness in manufacture and design, the reliability and stability of GW Instek's products have become renowned. With outstanding product performance and services, GW Instek has earned customers’ trust such that most customers are willing to recommend GW Instek products to others. GW Instek is dedicated to providing products that comform to its core philosophy,TCO, which can reduce Total Cost per Ownership and create customers’ value from cost savings. Besides, GW Instek global sales channels and customer service networks provide cost-effective service globally. GW Instek’s ultimate goal is to satisfy their clients with exceptional products and services.

In 2005, GW Instek introduced a corporate identity system (CIS) which represented an innovative, positive and dynamic new brand image for itself. The new CIS includes a logo and slogan.


Corporate Identity


GW Instek Corporate logo contains a "W" which stands for four ideals starting with "W":

Black :

professional, stable, and practical to win the customer’s trust.

Orange :

innovative and energetic to create higher value for the customer.
Black symbolizes GW Instek as being a "solid", "steady" brand to win the trust of customers. A touch of orange symbolizes a more innovative and vitalized future; product innovation, enthusiastic employees creating higher customer value.