Warranty Service Procedure


INSTEK America Warranty Policy

GWInstek’s products are warranted to be against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of two years* with the exception of handheld instruments. Handheld Instruments have a one year warranty within USA.

INSTEK America reserves the right to repair or replace all such defective products. Products must be returned to INSTEK America with transportation charges prepaid and INSTEK America will cover return shipping back to the customer only within the USA.

For all no-charge warranty repair requests, proof of purchased must be supplied with the instrument. Proof can be in the form of a copy of the instrument’s dated invoice, receipt or packing slip from an authorized INSTEK America distributor.

All return products must have a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number which is issued by INSTEK America.

This warranty does not apply to batteries, fuses and test leads or probes. The warranty policy effects only on the normal use and defect quality rather than abnormal use by customers.

Note: GW Instek GDS-2000, GDS-1000A, GDS-1000A-U, GDS-1000, and GDS-1000-U series DSO has a lifetime-warranty period. All Products with LCD displays carry a warranty for one year.


Warranty Repair Service

An instrument purchased from an authorized INSTEK America distributor is repaired and performance tested to latest manufacturer’s specifications at no charge. Proof of purchase is required. No calibration certificate or test report is provided. If a calibration certificate and test report is needed upon repair, it must be requested and an up-charge fee and additional lead time expected.


Non-Warranty Repair Service

An instrument that is out of warranty but in need of service is repaired and tested to the latest manufacturer’s specifications. (No calibration certificate or test report is provided)


Repair Service Procedure:

Within USA:

An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is required to accompany all instruments sent in to the service department of INSTEK America. The RMA number allows you to obtain and track the progress of your request. Units sent to INSTEK America without RMA number will be returned without service. Customers should contact INSTEK America to obtain RMA number either to call service department at 909-399-3535 or email to service@instekamerica.com before sending a unit to INSTEK America for repair.

For warranty products (Proof of original purchased is needed), INSTEK America will repair the instrument and send it back to customer at no charge. Customers are responsible for shipping to INSTEK America Service.

For non-warranty products, customers are required to pay for the repair cost (labor and parts) and shipping to and from INSTEK America. An estimate of the repair cost will be given at the time an RMA number is issued. An instrument that is repaired by INSTEK America will have a 90-Day warranty.


Outside USA:

Customers must contact the INSTEK America distributor they made the purchase from. Your instrument must be sent to distributor and not INSTEK America. INSTEK America will not accept international shipments directly.


Turn-around Time:

INSTEK America strives to meet a service turn-around time or (TAT) of approximately 10 working days. This is mostly dependent upon the availability of necessary replacement parts.


Payment Terms:

INSTEK America requires prepayment before any service work is started. We accept check and money order only. Company purchase orders are accepted on a case by case approval basis only.