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Software Support
  • Wide frequency range from 1uHz to 80/50MHz
  • High 200MSa/s sampling rate
  • 16-bit Amplitude Resolution
  • Output from any section of 1M-point-long waveform
  • 1uHz to 20 or 30MHz, 16-bit resolution with 1 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude. 1 or 2 channel (s)
  • 250 MSa/s sampling rate for higher time resolution arbitrary waveforms
  • 8M Points/channel standard waveform memory
  • Maximum Five Output Channels
  • - 2 Equivalent Performance Arbitrary Channels Frequency : 1μHz~10/20/30/60/200MHz
  • - RF Channel Frequency (FG/ARB/MOD) : 160/320MHz
  • - Pulse Generator Frequency : 25MHz
  • 0.1Hz to 5/12/25 MHz with in 0.1Hz Resolution
  • Sine, Square, Triangular, Noise and Arbitrary Waveform
  • 20MSa/s Sampling Rate, 10 bit Vertical Resolution and 4k Point Memory for Arbitrary Waveform