Promotion Program

Automotive Components Testing Promotion


Promotion Period: Oct.1~Dec.31 (extend to Jan.31 if registration)

Customers: Automotive Components, LED Lighting, Avionics and semiconductor








PSU 40-38 1500W 40V/38A DC Power Supply $1895
PSU 6-200 1500W 6V/200A DC Power Supply $1895
PSW 30-36 360W Auto-Range 30V/36A DC Power Supply $1342
PSW 250-4.5 360W Auto-Range 250V/4.5A DC Power Supply $1567
PSW 800-1.44 360W Auto-Range 800V/1.44V DC Power Supply $1672
PLR 20-36 720W 20V/36A Low-Noise DC Power Supply $1938
PFR-100L-GL 100W 50V/10A Fanless Auto-Range DC Power Supply including GPIB/LAN $798
PPH-1503 High Precision DC Power Supply $1436
PEL-2004A 4-Slot Mainframe of DC Load $1246
PEL-2040A Single Channel DC Load module (80V, 70A, 350W) $1295
PEL-2020A Dual Channels DC Load model (80V, 20A, 100W) $1755
PEL-3111 1050W DC Electronic Load $4588
PCS-1000I High Precision DC and AC Current Shunt Meter $3990
GDS-3354 350MHz , 4CH, Visual Persistence DSO $3482
GDS-3504 500MHz, 4CH, Visual Persistence DSO


GDS-320 100MHz Portable Oscilloscope $1515
GDS-207 70MHz Portable Oscilloscope $755