USG-LF44 RF Signal Generator
  • Frequency Range: 34.5MHz ~ 4400MHz
  • Output Power Range: -30dBm ~ 0dBm
  • Continuous Wave Signal Without any Modulation
  • Support Fixed Frequency, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Hopping & Power Sweep Mode
  • -107dBc/Hz Phase Noise @100kHz Offset
  • Frequency Resolution: 10kHz
  • PC USB Interface Powered and Controlled
  • External PC Software Support Different Operating System

GW Instek debuts the brand new USG-Series RF signal generator, which comes with five models to meet users’ requirements and is a pocket-sized, and USB interface compatible RF signal generator with the frequency range from 35MHz to 4400MHz. The USG-Series provides continuous wave (CW) signal outputs without any signal modulation function. The built-in electronic attenuator of the USG-Series allows an adjustable power range from -30dBm to 0dBm. The USG-Series has several operational modes including fixed frequency, frequency sweep, frequency hopping, and power sweep. The USB-Series RF signal generator, with the frequency bandwidth limitation, provides lower harmonic output performance.

Figure shows the test result of USG-LF44 simultaneous power sweep and frequency sweep. The test result covers the frequency range from 35MHz to 4400MHz and the power range from -30dBm to 0dBm. The yellow trace illustrates the test result of maximum hold and the pink trace shows the test result of signal output.

GWINSTEK USG RF Portable Signal Generator Introduction     
GWINSTEK USG RF Signal Generator PC Application Program Demo     
Primary RF Software Demo ( USG RF Signal Generator & GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer)  
  •  A USG CD-ROM provides dedicated PC application programs, which were developed under JAVA software* structure. Users must install JAVA software to use USG PC application programs, which support operating systems such as Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Linux & Mac OS X through the USB interface.
  • Users can download USG APP to smart phone or tablet with Android 4.0 or above. To operate USG, use USB-OTG connecting cable to connect tablet (or smart phone) and USG. The Android APP application software for the USG signal generator is available on Google Play Store.
  • The USG signal generator can be designated as the tracking generator for GSP-730 spectrum analyzer to conduct measurement functions of scalar network analyzer. A USG CD-ROM provides PC application programs for the Primary RF software. Users can, using a Windows OS computer, control USG and GSP-730 via the Primary RF software. The NI-488.2 software** must be installed first before installing Primary RF software.
*: JAVA software can be downloaded from
**: NI-488.2 software can be downloaded from

USB cable, CD-ROM with USG software, GSP-730 PrimaryRF software and user manual

Optional Accessories

ADP-003, 50 Ohm N type (female) to SMA (female) Adapter
GTL-303, 50 Ohm SMA RF cable (600mm)

USG-LF44 34.5MHz - 4.4GHz USB RF Signal Generator
USG-LF44 34.5MHz - 4.4GHz USB RF Signal Generator Where to buy
The datasheet of USG-Series.
Datasheet version.,EN 371 KB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
The Command Set & Programming Guide with, sample.
Programming Manual version1.,EN 2.0 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
The Software, PrimaryRF, installed on Windows 8.0 issue.
PC Software Guide version1.,EN 81.2 KB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
The Software, PrimaryRF, installed on Windows 8.1 issue.
PC Software Guide version1.,EN 182.3 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The User Mamual of USG Series
User Manual version1.2.,EN 2.19 MB DOWNLOAD
APP Software
The Android Application of USG-Series. It also download from Google Play Store.
APP Software version1.,EN 【Member Only】 291 KB DOWNLOAD
USB Driver
The USB Driver of USG-Series, for win XP/ 7/8.x.
USB Driver version1.,EN 774.3 KB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
The Java Program of USG Series. (.jar), it’s supported by Linux, Unix, Mac. Windows is not supported.
PC Software version1.0.0.5.,EN 【Member Only】 4.3 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
USG stand-alone program, without Java program installation.
PC Software version1.0.1.1.,EN 【Member Only】 1.4 MB DOWNLOAD
GSP-730 + GRF-1300A + USG Datasheet.
Datasheet version1.,EN 1.8 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
PrimaryRF PC Software V1.54.
PC Software version1.54.,EN 【Member Only】 405.7 KB DOWNLOAD