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GDS-1000A-U/GDS-1000-U Series Digital storage Oscilloscopes (DSO)

Increase your product value with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that comes as standard with the GW Instek GDS-1000A-U/GDS-1000-U Series DSO, simply by registering your product.


GW Instek (*) Limited Lifetime Warranty

GW Instek provides product purchasers with a limited lifetime warranty for specified digital storage oscilloscope series. For more information about the details and limitations of the Limited Lifetime Warranty policy, please read the following content.



Limited Lifetime Warranty Clauses

  1. In order to be eligible for GW Instek's Limited Lifetime Warranty, product registration must be completed by the purchaser. The warranty of the purchased product is activated from the completion date of the product registration at GW Instek or from an authorized distributor. GW Instek reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the product registration if the registration process is delayed by the purchaser for more than three months after the original purchase date. Satisfactory proof is required to claim the warranty; for example, the invoice from the initial purchase.
  2. Validation of the Limited Lifetime Warranty is effective starting from the first day of purchase (please refer to the “Limited Lifetime Warranty Definition” section).
  3. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is for the original purchaser only. In the event of a sale or product transfer by the original purchaser to a third party, the warranty period shall be three (3) years from the date of purchase of the product by the original purchaser from GW Instek or its authorized distributors.
  4. If the product is operated under a normal operating environment during the warranty period and a malfunction is not caused by external or internal self-assembly, GW Instek reserves the right to exchange components, repair, or substitute the appropriate types of products at its discretion.
  5. All replaced parts will be brand new parts or recycled parts in mint condition. They belong to and will be held by GW Instek. These can include but are not limited to; new components, modules, or substitute products for repairing.
  6. When the product has exceeded the warranty period, warranty clauses, or is otherwise inapplicable to warranty (please refer to the “After the Limited Lifetime Warranty” section), maintenance service, replacement, shipment, and any other related charges might occur.


Limited Lifetime Warranty Definition

Limited Lifetime Warranty is defined as starting from the date of product registration by an original purchaser from GW Instek or from an authorized distributor. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is terminated at the period ending five (5) years after GW Instek discontinues manufacturing the warranted products. Discontinuance of the manufactured product will be properly announced by GW Instek.


The Ambit of Limited Lifetime Warranty

Only the following GW Instek product models are qualified to be covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty; GDS-1000-U, GDS-1000A-U series digital storage oscilloscopes which are registered and meet the requirements described in this document, especially the “Limited Lifetime Warranty Definition” section . GW Instek provides the Limited Lifetime Warranty to original purchasers only.

Other Exception Clauses

GW Instek guarantees its products against defects in materials and workmanship under limited conditions. However, under the following exceptions, GW Instek has no liability to provide warranty services for the repair or maintenance without charge.

  1. Deficiency resulting from shipping.
  2. Damages caused by accidental events, damages due to the human force or self-assembly, damages caused by negligence of maintenance or modification behaviors without authorized technical support.
  3. Damages resulting from any natural disaster.
  4. The appearance of a product due to dust, dirt and age, normal wear of mechanical components and accessories outside of the product itself. Electrical wires and testing probes are also excluded from the warranty.
  5. The LCD is covered by the limited warranty for one year; for the battery, three months.
  6. Products or its components exceeding the Limited Lifetime Warranty or normal warranty period.

Requirements for obtaining the Limited Lifetime Warranty

In order to obtain repair or maintenance service under the Limited Lifetime Warranty, the product must meet the requirements described in this document, and most importantly the original distributor (representative) becomes the service center. The details are as follows.

During t he Limited Lifetime Warranty Period

  1. Purchasers are responsible to pack the repair product in good condition and ship it to the original distributor /representative. Shipping charges must be paid by the sender.
  2. If repair services are requested to the original distributor /representative, then the original distributor /representative will pay for the return shipping charge back to supported locations. However, if shipping is requested to specific locations other than supported locations, the purchasers must be responsible for any shipping charges, tax charges and any other additional charges.
  3. If repair services are requested to a non- original distributor /representative, the service should be treated as exceeding the warranty period. Hence, the product owner is responsible for the round shipping cost, repair charges, potential taxes, and any possible expenditure.

After the Limited Lifetime Warranty Period

If the received products have exceeded the warranty time period or the lifetime warranty, GW Instek will provide the related repair and or maintenance services. However, the owners of the products are responsible for the repair and or maintenance charges, the return shipping charges and any additional costs.

No Liability & No Promise Clauses

GW Instek will not be liable for the inevitable, indirect, or supplementary damages of the product purchasers or the third party users that are caused by its product deficiency; for example, loss of profitability, loss of sales investment, loss of business image or enterprise interactional obstacles. In addition, GW Instek has no liability for the deficiency of other apparatus, equipment or facilities caused by the operation of its product.

The above is GW Instek's most complete version of the Limited Lifetime Warranty policy; these clauses may displace other oral or written versions of warranty policy. Except for the above described product warranty, GW Instek will not provide additional warranty policy other than what is described and claimed in this composition.

(*) About GW Instek and Good Will Instrument

GW Instek is the brand identity of Good Will Instrument Co., Ltd.




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