PSS-Series Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply
  • Digitized Programmable Interface
  • High Resolution 10mV, 1mA
  • High Stability, Low Drift
  • Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Over Temperature Protection
  • Intelligent Fan Control (Changes by Output Power)
  • Built-in Buzzer Alarm
  • Labview Driver
  • Standard Interface: RS-232C
  • Optional Interface: GPIB (IEEE-488.2)
  • Optional European Jack Type Terminal

The PSS-Series is single output, 96W or 100W, programmable linear DC power supplies. OVP, OCP, and OTP protect the PSS series and their loads from unexpected conditions. The LCD panel simultaneously displays output and other parameters; the regulated cooling fan ensures low noise for comfortable operation. RS232C and GPIB interfaces, SCPI command sets, and LABVIEW drivers make remote control and ATE software development easier. (Note: only either RS-232C or GPIB can be installed) The compact PSS series is suitable for any high resolution bench-top or rack mount application.



User manual x 1, Power cord x 1
Test lead GTL-104A x 1(PSS-2005) or GTL-105A x 1(PSS-3203)
European Test Lead GTL-204A x 1 (PSS-2005) or GTL-203A x 1 (PSS-3203)

Optional Accessies
GTL-232 RS232C Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null Modem for Computer
GRA-408 Rack Adapter Panel

PSS-2005 100W Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply
PSS-2005 100W Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply Where to buy
PSS-3203 96W Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply
PSS-3203 96W Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply Where to buy
User Manual
PSS-Series User Manual (pdf)
User Manual versionD.,EN 220.2 KB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
PST / PSH / PSS Series LabView Driver upgrade SOP.
PC Software Guide version1.,TW 482.1 KB DOWNLOAD
Assembly Manual
The Rack Adapter assembly manual of GRA-408
Assembly Manual version.,EN 466 KB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
GRA-408 RACK 3D DIME. (for PSS-2005/3203)
3D Model version., 【Member Only】 321 kB DOWNLOAD
2D Drawing
GRA-408 RACK 2D DIME. (for PSS-2005/3203)
2D Drawing version., 【Member Only】 243 kB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver For PST Series, PSH Series, PSS Series, for LabView 2009 version.
LabVIEW Driver version1.0.2., 423 KB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
PSH、PSS、PST PC Software( Win10 supported).
PC Software version.,EN 14.27 MB DOWNLOAD
PSS-3203 Datasheet.
Datasheet versionA.,EN 153.4 KB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
PSH/PSS/PST Series Programming Manual (pdf)
Programming Manual versionA.,EN 161.6 KB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Driver For PST Series, PSH Series,PSS Series, PS (Vista supported)
LabVIEW Driver version.,EN 379.8 KB DOWNLOAD