PCS-1000 (Discontinued)
  • 6 1/2 Digit measurement resolution
  • Dual measurement for Voltage and Current
  • AC&DC Current measurement range: 30mA/300mA/3A/30A/300A(Max)
  • AC Voltage measurement range: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/600V(Max)
  • DC Voltage measurement range: 200mV/2V/20V/200V/1000V(Max)
  • Auto zero circuit
  • Standard Interfaces: USB, GPIB

PCS-1000 is a High-Precision D.C. and A.C. Current Shunt Meter which carries built-in current shunts and high-accuracy current measurement circuits. PCS-1000 not only measures current in five current levels ─300A, 30A, 3A, 300mA and 30mA, but also measures voltage at 6 1/2-digit resolution simultaneously. This unique feature puts PCS-1000 in an unprecedented position among all the shunt meters available in the market today. After a long time operation, PCS-1000 is able to maintain high measurement accuracy in spite of the temperature variation. This is due to its core design based on the high stability and low temperature coefficient shunts. PCS-1000, a verification-lab level current and voltage measurement equipment, is suitable for the R&D, quality verification and testing jobs of all power products such as power supply, communications system power, server power and electronic load. The maximum voltage/current measurement ranges of PCS-1000, including DC 1000V / AC 600V / AC 300A / DC 300A, meet all current and voltage measurement challenges of every power industry.

Standard Accessories:

User Manual x 1
AC Power Cord x 1

GTL-105A x 1 Alligator Clip Test Lead (3A Max)
GTL-207 x 1 Banana Plug Test Lead
GTL-240 x 1 USB Cable
PCS-001 x 1 Basic Accessory Kit

Optional Accessories:
GRA-419-J Rack Mount Adapter (JIS)
GRA-419-E Rack Mount Adapter (EIA)

User Manual
PCS-1000 User Manual.
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2D Drawing
2D Drawing of the PCS-1000I, DWG/PDF format
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