GPM-8310 Digital Power Meter
  • 5”TFT LCD
  • DC, 0.1Hz ~ 100kHz voltage/current test bandwidth
  • Two numerical display modes: General mode: displays 2 main test items + 8 secondary test items ; Simple mode: displays the test values of 4 main test items
  • Waveform display: V (voltage), I (current), P (power)
  • The current/voltage can be measured to a deformed wave with CF of 3, and the half-range CF can reach 6 or 6A
  • Listed as an accepted device for SPEC Power® testing
  • 50th order of harmonic measurement and analysis (value and bar graph)
  • Integration function supports automatic level-changing
  • External current sensor input terminals (EXT1/EXT2)
  • Standard interfaces: RS-232C, USB device/ host, LAN, GPIB
  • Optional interface: Digital I/O (DA4) (must be installed before leaving the factory)
  • Optional accessory: GPM-001

GW Instek GPM-8310 is a digital power meter for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power measurement. Features include DC, 0.1Hz~100kHz test bandwidth, 16bits A/D, and 300 kHz sampling rate. It adopts 5” TFT LCD screen with a five-digit measurement display and provides 25 power measurement related parameters, and has a high-precision measurement capability. It also features the ability to display waveform (voltage/current/power), the integration measurement function, harmonic measurement and analysis of each order, external sensor input terminals, and various communication interfaces, etc., to help users achieve clear, convenient and accurate power measurements. This power meter is a most cost-effective power meter with most complete functionalities among the products of the same category.

Standard Accessories
Safety Instruction Sheet x 1, Power cord x 1
Test lead GTL-209 x 1, Test lead GTL-212 x 1
CD x 1 (including complete user manual and USB driver)
DA4 cable GTL-214 (available for GPM-8310 with DA4 only)


GPM-DA4  DA4 Interface (including cable, GTL-214)
Note : Optional DA4 interface must be installed in factory.


Optional Accessories
GPM-001 Test Fixture (including GTL-210 x 2, GTL-213 x 1)
GPM-001 (EU) Test Fixture (including GTL-210 x 2, GTL-213 x 1)
GTL-209 Test Lead, Banana to Bare-wire, Approx. 1000mm
GTL-210 Test Lead, Banana to Banana, Approx. 1000mm
GTL-212 Test Lead, O-Type to Bare-wire, Approx. 1000mm
GTL-213 Test Lead, O-Type to Banana, Approx. 1000mm
GTL-214 DA4 Cable, Approx. 1000mm
GTL-232 RS-232C cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null modem for computer, Approx. 2000mm
GTL-246 USB Cable, A-B type, Approx. 1200mm
GTL-248 GPIB Cable, Approx. 2000mm
GRA-422 Rack Mount Kit, 19” 2U size


GPM-8310 Digital Power Meter with RS-232C / USB device & host / LAN / GPIB
GPM-8310 Digital Power Meter with RS-232C / USB device & host / LAN / GPIB Where to buy
GPM-8310 with DA4 Digital Power Meter with RS-232C / USB device & host / LAN / GPIB and opt. DA4
GPM-8310 with DA4 Digital Power Meter with RS-232C / USB device & host / LAN / GPIB and opt. DA4 Where to buy
LabVIEW Driver
GPM-8310 LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 2010 or later)
LabVIEW Driver version., 【Member Only】 1.32 MB DOWNLOAD
Assembly Manual
The Rack Adapter assembly manual of GRA-422
Assembly Manual version01_20210817.,EN 【Member Only】 385 kB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
GPM-8310 3D DIME.
3D Model version., 【Member Only】 3.55 MB DOWNLOAD
2D Drawing
GPM-8310 2D DIME.
2D Drawing version., 【Member Only】 290 kB DOWNLOAD
Installation Guide
DA4 Installation Guide of GPM-8310
Installation Guide version20210115.,EN 【Member Only】 807 kB DOWNLOAD
Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide of GPM-8310 (German)
Quick Start Guide version.,German 【Member Only】 609 KB DOWNLOAD
PC software
GPM-8310 (Firmware V1.03) / GPM-8213 (Firmware V1.06) Data log/test report software.
PC software version., 【Member Only】 8.27 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GPM-8310 LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 2016 or later)
LabVIEW Driver version., 【Member Only】 2.44 MB DOWNLOAD
The brochure of GPM-8310.
Brochure version202102.,EN 4.97 MB DOWNLOAD
USB Driver
GPM-8310 USB Driver.
USB Driver version., 【Member Only】 522 KB DOWNLOAD
GPM-8310 Newest Firmware version & procedure
Firmware versionV1.04.,EN 【Member Only】 697 kB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The user manual of GPM-8310.
User Manual versionB_20211228.,EN 【Member Only】 5.56 MB DOWNLOAD