GOM-802 (Discontinued)
  • 30000 Counts Display
  • High Accuracy 0.05%
  • Hi/Lo Comparator and Limit Percent Setting
  • Measurement of REL, Actual and % Value
  • Continuous or Triggered Measurement Mode
  • Temperature Compensation and Measurement
  • Four-Terminal Measurement Technique
  • Auto-Recall Last Setting After Power OFF and ON Again
  • Alarm Setting for PASS/FAIL
  • Scan, Handler Interface(Standard)
  • Manual or Autoranging
  • RS-232C+GPIB (Option)

30,000 Counts D.C. Milli-ohm Meter.

The GOM-802 milliohm meter is designed for component and material resistance measurements in laboratories and other test environments. A large display with 30,000 counts and a superb accuracy of up to 0.05% gives the reliability and flexibility required in demanding measurement applications. Features such as Auto ranging, a built-in comparator offering Hi-Lo testing, a Limit Percent setting, and Go/NoGo testing reduce the effort for complex testing setups. Displayed selections of Relative, Actual, and % Value show results viewed from multiple perspectives. The GOM-802 supports 4 Wire Kelvin resistance measurements for faster accurate results. For an accurate, sophisticated, affordable milliohm meter, the GOM-802 is the right choice.

User manual x1, Power cord x1, Test lead GTL-108A x1 
Opt.01 RS-232C + GPIB Interface (Factory Installed)
PT-100  Platinum Temperature Probe
GTL-232  RS-232C Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null Modem for Computer
GOM-802 Product Information.
Datasheet version0.,EN 529.1 KB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
GOM-802 Programming Manual (pdf)
Programming Manual versionB.,EN 167.2 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
GOM-802 User Manual (pdf)
User Manual versionMF1.,EN 1.7 MB DOWNLOAD
Application Note
How to drive the external device with handler interface.
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LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Driver for GOM-802.
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