Automotive DC Converter Evaluation System

High-current I-V curve trace of IGBT using DC power supply and electronic load device

Reliability testing of solar panels

LED lighting test
About the voltage of the Function Generator
New ARB built-in waveform of AFG-303X/302X series
IQ baseband waveform
Pulse duty: 0.000%~100,000%
AFG-30XX: Dual channel
Low noise, Low THD, and Highly Stabilized Power output
APS-7000 Series Quick Operation Guide
Defect detection during motor production test
CAN/LIN decode function
Measurement of leakage current of large capacity capacitor
Durability test of electric horn for automobiles
EMI Solution Package

FRA : Frequency Response Analyze
MDO/MSO-2000E series

Oscilloscope Education And Training Kit
Simplify the complicated EMC measurement and debugging!
Standby Power Measurement
Single-phase and Three-phase Power Measurement
DC Power supply and DC Electronic Load Function
Sequence function
Multi-Channel Programmable Linear type of DC power supply
Programmable Multiple channel Linear tyep DC power supply
Multiplex Scanner Box
ASK/FSK decode function
GSP-9330 with GKT-008 : Trace Math Operation
LED Pulse Current evaluation test
DC Electronic load PEL-3021 controls forward current value of PIN ATT.
The test solution of Energy Storage Device
The test solution of High Voltage
Energy Storage Device
Multi-Channel LoRa Tester
ARB data creating for MDO/MSO-2000E series
MFG-22XX series
Burst N-Cylce: Ext trigger
New ARB built-in waveform of MFG-2000 series
Withstand Voltage test of motor for electric tool
PEL-2000A Frame Link
The test solution of High Voltage Device
MPPT Function
Multi-range(V&I) Operation and LED ON / OFF test
PFR : Multidrop connection
PFR Multidrop connection
Test script that can execute complex output patterns with PFR alone
Test log in production of functional thin film by anodic oxidation method
PEL-3000 Operating Area
Multi-range feature
PSU Parallel Kit
Parallel Connection
Cooling Fun stop Function
PSW Internal Resistance Variable
Optional function : Data Logging Function
MPPT Function
Fan noise test for EV car
Standby Power Measurement
GPT-9900 series Sweep Function
RF Signal Generator
Durability test of Windshield wiper motors for automobiles