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TCO - Total Cost per Ownership: GW Instek is dedicated to providing products that conform to his core philosophy, TCO, reducing Total Cost per Ownership and creating customers’ value from cost savings. GW Instek has consistently offered great value during the product’s life cycle through reliable products and trustworthy services. In other words, GW Instek squeezes out the best quality from the lowest unit cost for its clients.


In addition to adhering to ISO quality, environmental management standards, and European CE safety regulations, GW Instek is confident of performing reliability and durability as well as keeping its leading services and exceptional value by the strategy of reducing TCO of each product. The experience and expertise allow GW Instek to deliver high-performance test solutions that address unique requirements of each client and that are backed by comprehensive after-sales support, warranty and calibration service, and one of the industry’s best price vs. performance ratios. It is about creating customer lifetime value by providing reliable and high quality measurement products with the lowest TCO.