Brand Origin

Decades of experience:


GW Instek has been a byword for high-quality electronic test & measurement instruments due to its decades of experience in R&D, marketing and manufacturing. GW Instek's reputations have been built upon the philosophy of integrity, quality, and creativity as well as the accumulation of years of experience.


Decades of reputation:


GW Instek has become a leading brand in the electronic test and measurement industry for decades. It focuses on both industrial and educational markets while taking prides in its world-class quality standard and high appraisals & satisfaction from clients around the world. With a strong focus on high quality, economical measurement solutions for the educational and industrial manufacturing markets, GW Instek has developed a solid brand image for reliability, integrity and innovation along with excellent reputations for quality, reliability, affordable prices and ease of use.


It’s these qualities that have made GW Instek one of the most popular brands in test and measurement world. A lot of leading manufacturers around the world choose GW Instek as their T&M instrument provider. With its profound experience and advancements in core technologies, GW Instek is definitely your most reliable partner when it comes to professional measurement devices.