GW Instek Launches LCR-1000 Hand-held LCR Meter
GW Instek launches the new LCR-1000 series, which is a handheld LCR meter with the automatic real-time test function.
GW Instek Announces the New PEL-3000AE Programmable D.C. Electronic Load
The PEL-3000AE series is designed for current sink operation starting from 60mA and aims at measurement applications, including charger, adapter, various power supply equipment, and portable charger.
SOLUTIONs is on a roll- GWInstek × TAITRONICS 2023 Booth: J0618
This year, GW Instek will provide solutions for the three areas.
DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System Expand Your Data Acquisition Tentacles
The new DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System features the highly regarded 6 1/2 digit digital multimeter technology from the GDM-9061, equipped with 3 module slots in the mainframe and a selection of 5 optional modules.
GW Instek is committed to cultivating future technology talents
GW Instek, a leading manufacturer of advanced test and measurement instruments in Taiwan, has long been actively supporting and nurturing young students in Taiwan's vocational education in their innovative capabilities in basic electronics/electrical engi
GSM-20H10 Product Strategy and Status
Due to the name change of GSM-20H10, marcom materials including 2023 General Catalog, 2023 Power Supplies Catalog, 2023 Short Form, GSM-20H10 Brochure and Datasheet (English version) will be invalid as of July 1, 2023.
PSW-Multi series two-channel/three-channel programmable switching DC power supply
Second to None Dominating Mid/Low Power Ranges