Brand Origin

Based on 40 years of service experience, GW Instek has strategically developed a comprehensive service process from pre-sales supports to after-sales services. GW Instek is capable of providing professional and insightful solutions that best meet customers’ needs and interests. Meanwhile, GW Instek strives to strengthen and refine its professionalism in maintenance, repair, and calibration service. By providing robust products and high service quality, GW Instek, again, secures its capability to offer most competitive solutions to business customers and reinforce their value through provision of solutions with lowest Total Cost per Ownership. Furthermore, precise inventory stock control system and multiple service points can also offer swift responses and services) to GW Instek’s clients. With outstanding products and services, GW Instek has earned customers’ trust such that customers are most willing to recommend GW Instek to others.

Understanding each client is unique and different, GW Instek provides professional business solutions to meet clients’ objectives by a customer-focused approach. GW Instek’s global sales channels and customer service points create an integrated and cost-effective worldwide network, leading GW Instek to satisfy clients with exceptional products and services.