Brand Origin

Even with over 300 products available for diverse markets or applications, GW Instek’s products are capable of performing accurately, durably, and reliably in the most demanding test environments because GW Instek has built robust process to verify product quality. Committing to providing Reliable experience, especially in products usage, GW Instek sticks to his high standards in product design, verification, and manufacture. All products sold from GW Instek have gone through process to guarantee their quality. That’s the compelling reason motivating worldwide customers to strongly recognize GW Instek’s product durability. This product advantage also supports GW Instek’s goal, that is, to create values for his partners and customers by offering products with lowest Total Cost of Ownership. A durable, stable, and reliable product is the essential pillar to reduce product lifetime cost. Because GW Instek continues to enhance technology, R&D capability, and manufacture capability, the quality of GW Instek's products, including durability, stability, and reliability, has become renowned.