GDS-800 (Discontinued)
  • 250/150/100/60MHz Bandwidth With Color/Mono LCD Display
  • 125k Long Memory and 12 Division Horizontal Display
  • 25GS/s Sampling Rate for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Advanced Trigger:Pulse Width,TV Line,Event Delay And Time Delay
  • Go-NoGo and Auto Setup Sequence
  • FFT Function
  • Built-In Help Manual, Multi-Language and PC Software
  • Standard Interface: USB, RS-232C, Printer Port, Go/NoGo Output
  • Option: GPIB Interface

GDS-800 Series DSO is designed for and built to meet the demands of a modern Digital Storage Oscilloscope in today's mainstream market. Featuring color or monochrome LCD displays, 125k points of memory, and 25GSa/s equivalent-time (ET) sampling rate per channel, the GDS-800 Series provides a good balance between memory depth and sampling speed. With RS-232C, USB, Go/NoGo, standard printer port (excluding GDS-806/810), and optional GPIB interface, the GDS-800 Series is remarkably adaptable. The easy-to-remember menu tree, the analog-scope like front panel design, the advanced trigger functions including Pulse Width, TV Line, Event and Time-Delay make the general purpose GDS-800 Series able to meet the rigors of most signal measurement requirements in the market.

User manual x 1, Power Cord x 1 
Probe-GTP-060A-2 : 60MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-806S/806C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-100A-2 : 100MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-810S/810C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-150A : 150MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-820S/820C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-250A : 250MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-840S/840C (one per channel)


Optional Accessories
GRA-405  Rack mounting (19", 4U)
GSC-005  Soft carrying case
GTL-110  Test lead, BNC-BNC heads
GTL-232  RS232 cable, 9 pin female to 9 pin, Null modem for computer
GTL-242  USB 2.0 A-B type cable
GTC-001  Instrument cart, 450(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)
GTC-002  Instrument cart, 330(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)

GDS-800 Series Datasheet
Datasheet version1.,EN 975.3 KB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
GDS-800 Series Programming Manual (pdf)
Programming Manual version1.,EN 484.0 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
GDS-800 Series User Manual (pdf)
User Manual version1.,EN 1.7 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
Readme for FreeCapture Software.
PC Software Guide version2.,EN 3.0 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
FreeCapture Software(RS-232) (Win7 supported)
PC Software version2.06.,EN 【Member Only】 11.1 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
FreeView Software (USB) (XP,Vista supported)
PC Software version1.03.,EN 【Member Only】 1.4 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Driver for GDS-800 Series
LabVIEW Driver version1.,EN 487.9 KB DOWNLOAD
The firmware of GDS-806/810. V1.24
Firmware version1.24.,EN 【Member Only】 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
The firmware of GDS-20/840. V2.26.
Firmware version2.26.,EN 【Member Only】 1011.2 KB DOWNLOAD