GDS-800 (Discontinued)
  • 250/150/100/60MHz Bandwidth With Color/Mono LCD Display
  • 125k Long Memory and 12 Division Horizontal Display
  • 25GS/s Sampling Rate for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Advanced Trigger:Pulse Width,TV Line,Event Delay And Time Delay
  • Go-NoGo and Auto Setup Sequence
  • FFT Function
  • Built-In Help Manual, Multi-Language and PC Software
  • Standard Interface: USB, RS-232C, Printer Port, Go/NoGo Output
  • Option: GPIB Interface

GDS-800 Series DSO is designed for and built to meet the demands of a modern Digital Storage Oscilloscope in today's mainstream market. Featuring color or monochrome LCD displays, 125k points of memory, and 25GSa/s equivalent-time (ET) sampling rate per channel, the GDS-800 Series provides a good balance between memory depth and sampling speed. With RS-232C, USB, Go/NoGo, standard printer port (excluding GDS-806/810), and optional GPIB interface, the GDS-800 Series is remarkably adaptable. The easy-to-remember menu tree, the analog-scope like front panel design, the advanced trigger functions including Pulse Width, TV Line, Event and Time-Delay make the general purpose GDS-800 Series able to meet the rigors of most signal measurement requirements in the market.

User manual x 1, Power Cord x 1 
Probe-GTP-060A-2 : 60MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-806S/806C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-100A-2 : 100MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-810S/810C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-150A : 150MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-820S/820C (one per channel)
Probe-GTP-250A : 250MHz ( 10 : 1/1 :1 ) Switchable Passive Probe for GDS-840S/840C (one per channel)


Optional Accessories
GRA-405  Rack mounting (19", 4U)
GSC-005  Soft carrying case
GTL-110  Test lead, BNC-BNC heads
GTL-232  RS232 cable, 9 pin female to 9 pin, Null modem for computer
GTL-242  USB 2.0 A-B type cable
GTC-001  Instrument cart, 450(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)
GTC-002  Instrument cart, 330(W) x 430(D)mm (120V input socket)

GDS-800 Series Datasheet
Datasheet Ver.1.,EN 975.3 KB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
GDS-800 Series Programming Manual (pdf)
Programming Manual Ver.1.,EN 484.0 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
GDS-800 Series User Manual (pdf)
User Manual Ver.1.,EN 1.7 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
Readme for FreeCapture Software.
PC Software Guide Ver.2.,EN 3.0 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
FreeCapture Software(RS-232) (Win7 supported)
PC Software Ver.2.06.,EN 11.1 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
FreeView Software (USB) (XP,Vista supported)
PC Software Ver.1.03.,EN 1.4 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Driver for GDS-800 Series
LabVIEW Driver Ver.1.,EN 487.9 KB DOWNLOAD
The firmware of GDS-806/810. V1.24
Firmware Ver.1.24.,EN 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
The firmware of GDS-20/840. V2.26.
Firmware Ver.2.26.,EN 1011.2 KB DOWNLOAD