GDS-122 (Discontinued)
  • 20MHz Bandwidth
  • 100MS/s Real-Time Sampling Rate
  • True RMS Multimeter: Volt, AMp, Ohm, Continuity, Diode
  • Dual Independent Floating Isolated Channels
  • Trigger Mode: Free Run, Single Shot, Edge, Video
  • USB Interface
  • 6 Hour Capacity Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.8" Color LCD, Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Light Weight: 690g

The GDS-122 is a reliable and handy instrument for all test and electronic engineers. This model is designed to carry out complicated on-site tests. The Dual-channel unit features 20MHz of bandwidth with a sampling rate of 100MS/s along with multimeter functionality. The color LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 240 helps you to read waveforms easily, especially when displaying a lot of data or multiple waveforms. The compact design with the total weight of 690g allows engineers to carry it around easily. The protective cover of the unit is insulated and specially designed to guarantee endurance and reliability in tough environments. The rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures convenience for on-site testing.

User manual x1
AC-DC Adaptor x1
Probe-T5060: 60MHz (10:1/1:1) switchable passive probe (one per channel)
Multimeter test lead x1
Serial data communication cable x1
Extension module for small capacitance measurement x1
Extension module for large current measurement x1

Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide of GDS-122.
Quick Start Guide version1.,TW 【Member Only】 1.5 MB DOWNLOAD
GDS-122 Datasheet
Datasheet version1.,EN 178.7 KB DOWNLOAD
Operation Manual
GDS-122 Rechargeable Battery Pack Installation Guide (pdf).
Operation Manual version0.,EN 953.3 KB DOWNLOAD
Operation Manual
GDS-122 USB Driver Installation Guide.
Operation Manual version1.,EN 965.8 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
GDS-122 User Manual (pdf)
User Manual version2.,EN 2.7 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
GDS-122 PC software for Windows XP
PC Software version2.050.,EN 【Member Only】 33.7 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
GDS-122 PC Software for Win 7 and Win8
PC Software versionN/A.,EN 【Member Only】 54.6 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
PC Software for GDS-122
PC Software version0.,EN 【Member Only】 8.5 MB DOWNLOAD