GDM-8255A Dual Display Digital Multimeter
  • GDM-8255A 199,999 Counts Display
  • VFD Two Colors Display
  • 0.012% DCV Accuracy
  • True RMS (AC, AC+DC)
  • 9 Major Measuring Functions and 10 Advanced Measurement Functions
  • 2W/4W Resistance Measurement
  • High Voltage 1000V and 10A Current Range
  • Standard Interface : RS-232C, USB Device, Digital I/O
  • Free PC Software (DMM-VIEWER), LabVIEW Driver
  • Optional: 16+2 Channels Scanner Card

Is the resolution of your current mulitmeter inadequate to read the smallest signal? Need an easy to use multimeter with data-logging? Take a look at the GoodWill GDM-8255A series 5 1/2 digit dual-display digital multimeter. It features a DC voltage accuracy of 0.012% with an industry-leading response time. With robust hardware and software the GDM-825xA series will save time on debugging and analysis whilst saving you money. 

The GDM-8255A carries an extensive list of standard measurement items with a dual-display allowing two measurement items to be displayed simultaneously. Advanced measurement functions, such as Max/Min, Hold, Relative value and Compare, are suitable for a multiplicity of applications such as production testing, research and field verification. The USB, RS-232C and 9-pin digital I/O interface are included as standard features for romte control and data capturing for ATE.

For convenient PC-based remote control and extensive data capture, the GDM-8255A includes DMM-Viewer software at no additional cost. DMM-Viewer mimics the operation of the multimeters on the PC, allowing you to quickly use the software with little effort.

The optional scanner card (GDM-SC1A), creates a self-contained multipoint measurement solution with plug-in design. This approach eliminates the complexities of multipoint measurements and data processing. The scanner lets users effectively measure multiple channels connected to a single GDM-8255A.

  • Rich Measurement Functions with Enhanced Features
  • Fast Measurement Speed & Transfer rate
  • Diverse Measuring Combinations with VFD Dual Color Display
  • Multiple Standard Interfaces
  • Convenient PC Software
  • Effective Multiple Measurement Scanner Card
Included Accessories
Quick start user manual x1, Power cord x1, Test lead GTL-207A x1, USB Cable GTL-247 x1,
CD x1 (including complete user manual, upgrade program and PC software DMM Viewer)
Calibration key GDM-01 x1 
GDM-SC1A  Scanner Card (V x 16ch, I x 2ch)
Optional Accessories
GTL-108A  4W Type test lead, Approx. 1100mm
GTL-232  RS-232C Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null Modem for Computer, Approx. 2000mm
GTL-205A  Temperature Probe Adaptor with Thermocouple (K type), Approx. 1000mm
GRA-422  Rack Mount Kit (19" 2U)
GRA-436  Rack Mount Kit (19" 2U) for Two Sets
GDM-TL1  Test Lead Set for All DMM
GSC-014  Soft Carrying Case for DMM Accessory
GDM-8255A 5 ½ (199,999 Counts) Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter
GDM-8255A 5 ½ (199,999 Counts) Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter Where to buy
Assembly Manual
The Rack Adapter assembly manual of GRA-436
Assembly Manual version01_20190124., 【Member Only】 1.1 MB DOWNLOAD
Assembly Manual
The Rack Adapter assembly manual of GRA-422
Assembly Manual version01_20210817.,EN 【Member Only】 385 kB DOWNLOAD
2D Drawing
GDM-8255A 2D DIME.
2D Drawing version., 【Member Only】 505 KB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
GDM-8255A 3D DIME.
3D Model version., 【Member Only】 2.67 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
Scanner Card software for GDM-SC1A/SC1
PC Software versionV280E., 【Member Only】 596 KB DOWNLOAD
GDM-8200A Series Brochure.
Brochure version0.,EN 1.9 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
DMM-Viewer (PC Software) Guide
PC Software Guide versionEE1.,EN 【Member Only】 921.0 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The user manual of GDM-825xA series.
User Manual versionEF1.,EN 【Member Only】 3.6 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GDM-8255A LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 7.1 only)
LabVIEW Driver version0.,EN 【Member Only】 881.5 KB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GDM-8255A LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 2009 or later)
LabVIEW Driver version0.,EN 【Member Only】 895.4 KB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GDM-8255A LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 8.5 only)
LabVIEW Driver version0.,EN 【Member Only】 963.9 KB DOWNLOAD
USB Driver
The USB Driver of GDM-825xA.
USB Driver version1.,EN 【Member Only】 3.5 MB DOWNLOAD
The Firmware upgrade program of GDM-825xA.
Firmware version1.,EN 【Member Only】 4.1 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
DMM-Viewer for GDM-8255A. (It supports 32bit of Windows 7/XP)
PC Software version1.16.,EN 【Member Only】 7.3 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GDM-8255A LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 2011 or later) ~ including Scan function.
LabVIEW Driver version1.,EN 【Member Only】 656.8 KB DOWNLOAD
Operation Manual
GDM-8261A/8255A How to create the loading default when power on.
Operation Manual version1.,EN 【Member Only】 69.7 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The GDM-SC1(phase out), scanner card user manual, for GDM-8261A/GDM-8255A.
User Manual version1.,EN 【Member Only】 654.0 KB DOWNLOAD