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ARC detection
~~ Defect detection during motor production


“ARC” usually occurs where high voltage passes through weak insulation such as if electrical or insulation problems occur during the withstand voltage test, transient voltage or current peaks will occur. For example, In the withstand voltage test of the motor, if there are defects such as pinholes in the insulation between the partitions, arcs may be generated, and the insulation capability may be reduced due to heat.

The withstand voltage tester without the arc detection function can only judge the pass/fail based on the average leakage current value. Even if there are defects of the motor, the tester cannot detect arc discharge and allow arc to pass.

The arc detection mode can detect fast current changes that are usually undetectable; the GPT-10000 series can detect the transient arc of 30μs or faster, once an arc discharge is confirmed, it is still judged as "ARC", even if the average current value is PASS.

There are three arc detection modes, including stop immediately after detecting an arc; detect and continue the test; or detect and end the test. By using the arc detection function of the GPT-10000 series, it is possible to check whether an arc discharge has occurred, so that a low-cost arc detection mechanism can be established in the production process.

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