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Q1 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png May I use GDS-2000A’s logic analyzer probe to MSO-2000E?

The logic analyzer probe is not universal. Only probe clips are allow to share.

Q2 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png What is the main difference between MDO-2000A and MDO-2000E series?

Please see below table

  MDO-2000A MDO-2000E
Bandwidth 300M/200M/100MHz 200M/100M/70MHz
Sampling rate 2GSa/s interleaved 1GSa/s interleaved
Memory depth 20M/CH 10M/CH
Channel 2 2 or 4
25MHz Function generator Only on MDO-2000AG model Yes
Q3 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png What is the main difference between GDS-1000B and GDS-2000E series?

GDS-2000E provided bus decode function; segment memory; waveform search function which not on the GDS-1000B.
For the sampling rate comparison, both series are max. 1GSa/s.For GDS-2000E series ,the max. sampling rate will keep 500MSa/s for 4CH activate and 2CH activate will keep 1GSa/s. However, for GDS-1000B series, the max. sampling rate will reduced to 250MSa/s for 4CH activate and 2CH activate will reduced t0 500MSa/s.

Q4 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png How come my digital filter function cannot use?

The digital filter function is not support under Average mode acquisition; ATL trigger; Roll mode; Segmented memory activate and the time base range setup is <=50ns/div.

Q5 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Why the frequency counter is not display on the GDS-2000E

Please check the trigger setup. The frequency counter will not display when set on Alternate trigger ;pulse runt trigger and bus trigger.

Q6 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png How can I set frequency domain waveform display appropriately?

Please see the main frequency value on the frequency counter on the time domain. Then set this value to center frequency of spectrum analyzer function.

Please note following 3 formula to set other parameters to get the appropriate display.

  1. Center frequency=(start frequency +stop frequency)/2
  2. Stop frequency-start frequency=Span
  3. RBW=sample rate /length of FFT
Q7 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Why the max. frequency range for spectrum analyzer function is 500MHz, not as same as the max. bandwidth 200MHz?

The max. frequency range for spectrum analyzer function is 1/2 of max. sampling rate which is limited at DSP Nyquist theory.

Q8 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Why the input square waveform is looks like sine waveform in the oscilloscope.

When the rise time or fall time of square signal is close to the period, the display waveform will looks like sine waveform.
For example, to test 25MHz square waveform.
The rise time is 0.35/25MHz=0.014us. The period is 1/25MHz=0.04us.
Since the rise time is close to the period ,the output waveform will looks like sine waveform.

Q9 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png What are the test regulations for EN61000-6-4?
The test regulations of EN61000-6-4 are general standards used to define the EMI standard under industrial environments, which is the standard of Class A. Its regulations are the same as those of EN55011A. The regulations for conducted and radiated tests are as follows:

Frequency Range, MHz

QP limits (dBuV)

AVG limits (dBuV)

0.15 ~ 0.5



0.5 ~ 30



EN61000-6-4 Conducted test regulations

Frequency Range, MHz

QP limits (dBuV)

30 ~ 230


230 ~ 1000


EN61000-6-4 Radiated test regulations

Q10 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png The EN55015 regulation primarily defines the conducted (CE) test for LED luminaires. What are the test regulations for radiated test (RE)?
The radiated (RE) test regulation EN55015 is mainly defined in the test range of 30MHz ~ 300MHz. For different test sites, the defined test regulations will be different. The test regulations of 3m can be set by referring to the test lead of EN55022A. If the test regulation of 10m is adopted, refer to the test lead setting of EN55022B.

Frequency Range, MHz

QP limits (dBuV)

AVG limits (dBuV)

3m distance

10m distance

30 ~ 230



230 ~ 300



Q11 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png How to remove the effects of environmental noise when performing Pre-compliance tests?
The environmental noise includes conduction and radiation EMI. After connecting the DUT, the EMI measurement is performed before the power of the DUT is turned on. The result obtained is the environmental noise, and then the power of the DUT is turned on to distinguish between ambient noise and DUT EMI signals.
If the EMI generated by environment and DUT is in the same frequency bandwidth and the environmental signal is strong, then the signal is very difficult to distinguish. GW Instek's spectrum analyzer GSP-9330, in this case, uses Topographic mode (Display >> Window Setup >> Topographic or Topographic+Spectrum) to distinguish different signal sources in the same frequency bandwidth. However, the best solution is to measure in an environment with low ambient electromagnetic noise interference.
Topographic mode displays noise hidden in the scan signal (indicated by a red arrow)
Q12 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png What should I do if there is a difference between the Pre-compliance and the certified lab test results?
It is normal for the pre-compliance and certified lab test results to be different, so it is important to understand the cause of the difference in order to get a reference from the pre-compliance measurement so as to conduct debugging. The difference between the two can be referred to “What is the difference between the Pre-compliance test and the program used by the certified laboratory?”.
The most important thing is to establish a test reference for pre-compliance after obtaining the differences between the two. For example, pre-compliance test needs to be tightened and reduced a certain standard (such as 4dB reduction) under regulatory standards that is a margin for testing by certified laboratories. After accumulating and establishing such a test reference, the successful measurement rate in the certification laboratory will be greatly improved.