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Q1 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png APS-7000 Invalid License


When using [User Special Function]->, select option 5. Add New Module and a message “ Invalid License” pop up

First confirm that if the firmware version is too old? Please update to this version if the firmware version is lower than V2.10

  1. Download firmware version V2.10. There are totally three files in the folder “GW”
  2. Decompress this downloaded .7z file to a USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT-32.


  3. The structure inside of this USB Flash Drive should as below:

  4. Plug the USB Flash Drive into the USB port on the front panel of APS-7000
  5. Press MENU
  6. Turn the knob to 11. Special Function and then press Enter
  7. Enter the password “5004”