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Q1 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Signal Generator Rack Mount Kit

GRA-432 Rack Mount Kit for AFG-3000 series


Q2 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Which RS-232 connection wire will be used to connect RS-232 interface of the AFG-3000 use?

Use the Null Modem connection as in the below diagram, AFG-3000 will connect with PC.

Q3 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png What is the difference between the AFG-3051 and the AFG-3081 in specifications?

The only difference in specifications between the AFG-3051 and the AFG-3081 is that the output frequency for the AFG-3081is 80MHz, and for the AFG-3051 is 50MHz, For other specifications, they are the same.

Q4 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Actually it doesn’t exit so neat signal The waveform such as sine wave, square are common seen form found wave generated from function generator signals, but in fact in nature, and not so clean, there is no way to simulate a more realistic signal?

If you want to add the analog Noise signal to signals, actually the AFG-3000 can help you to achieve that. You can easily do it through making the desired Waveform Math by PC software. For example, Sinc waveform, + Gaussian Noise signal.

Q5 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Does the AFG-3000 provide Noise signals? What kind of noise signal?

The normal noise function is including on AFG-3000, if users want to use Gaussian / Rayleigh Noise, he needs to use the PC software of AFG-3000.

Q6 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png How to calculate corresponding amplitude for the arbitrary wave amplitude of the AFG-3000?

The default AFG-3000 amplitude is 16 bits resolution. That is, Totally there are 65535 points form -32767 ~ +32767. For example, if the set the Amplitude at 10Vpp, that is range form -5V to +5 V. If the user want to set +1V points, he can get the corresponding points through the following formula:
32767 / 5 * 1 = 6553.4, so the setting point for +1V is about 6553 or 6554 points; therefore for the -1V, you can get the value form calculating through the formula -32 767 / 5 * 1 = -6553.4. 

Q7 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png I used an oscilloscope probe to connect the AFG-3000. I connected the center of the probe to the center of the AFG-3000 Main Output and connected the ground to the output peripheral. But why the waveform has distortion when I observe 1M square wave?

There are two main reasons. One is caused by the impedance. The impedance of the oscilloscope and arbitrary waveform generator mismatch, so the waveform is slightly distorted and the amplitude will enlarge about twice. The other is cause by the probe of the oscilloscope. Because the center of the probe wire Is not covered completely, some part of RF signals leak into the air and cause the signal distortion.

Q8 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png I can’t find both N Cycle and Infinite functions mentioned in the user’s manual AFG-3000 in my hands in any wave function in the Output mode, do not see a manual written in the N these two functions, what is new you??

The AFG-3000 has released updated software update in a few days ago. If you don’t find Cycle and Infinite functions, please contact your dealer to update your device for you. In the future, the AFG-3000 also can be updated through USB flash drives.

Q9 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png I can’t find the Pulse function on the build in mode of my AFG-3000. Does it mean the function is new one?

The AFG-3000 has released updated software update in a few days ago. If you don’t find Pulse functions, please contact your dealer to update your device for you. In the future, the AFG-3000 also can be updated through USB flash drives.

Q10 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png Which build-in functions are supplied on the AFG-3000 arbitrary waveform editing mode?

The build in mode in arbitrary function is including Sine, Square, Ramp, Sinc, Exp Rise, Exp Fall, DC, Pulse.

Q11 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png If I want to directly edit the arbitrary waveform on the panel of the AFG-3000. How many editing style does it supply?

The Arbitrary waveform can be edited through the editing point, line, Copy, Build in (built-in) etc...

Q12 gw_product_detail_bar.png gw_product_detail_bar.png The software provided by the AFG-3000 includes which functions?

PC software in addition to AFG-3000 panel contains all the features, but also a wider variety of applications including waveforms, such as Rayleigh / Gaussian / Normal Noise, Pseudo ternary, Bipolar-AMI , Manchester, Differential Manchester, RS232, NRZ, etc., and provides several kinds of wave functions calculated with the view to allow users more flexibility in the design of the required waveform.