Promotion Program

Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope Limited Time Sale: 20% off


  • Promotion price: the MSO-2000E series 100MHz/200MHz: 20% off.
  • Promotion period: As of today until Oct 31, 2020.
  • For the promotion detail, different regions may have different practices, please confirm the promotion package with your local distributor.
  • This promotion does not include China, Japan, Korea, and Russia

The MSO-2000E series is mixed-signal oscilloscope, which offers dual analog channels +16 digital channels or 4 analog channels +16 digital channels.MSO-2000E is equipped with a 16 channels logic analyzer software and a logic probe. Users do not need to spend an additional USD400 to get a complete mixed-signal oscilloscope.

The MSO-2000EA is equipped with a 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator and the frequency response analysis function (bode plot).

As of today until Oct 31,2020, we provide 20% off discount to allow users to easily own a full-featured mixed-signal oscilloscope.