MPO-2000 Series Multi-function Programmable Oscilloscope
  • MPO-2000P:200MHz; 4CH/2CH
  • MPO-2000B:100MHz; 4CH/2CH
  • Allow to use Python scripts to control for automation purpose
  • Dual Channel Spectrum analyzer with Spectrogram
  • I2C/SPI/UART/CAN/LIN serial bus trigger and decoding function
  • MPO-2000P:CAN FD, USB 2.0(full speed), FlexRay, USB PD, I2S digital decoding
  • MPO-2000B: CAN FD, USB 2.0 (full speed) digital decoding
  • Data log function is able to track signal changes up to 1000 hours
  • Network storage function
  • Equips with a spectrum analyzer; a dual channel 25MHz AWG; DMM and power supply.
  • Power Supply: Dual channel output, 1V to 20V continuously adjustable (0.1V step)



GW Instek launches the MPO-2000 series, which is named after the abbreviation of Multi-function Programmable Oscilloscope. In addition to being an oscilloscope, it also includes a spectrum analyzer, an arbitrary waveform generator, a digital multimeter and a DC power supply.


In addition to the five-in-one multi-functional architecture, we innovatively introduced the Python script function into the MPO-2000, so that users can conduct program control of a small automated test system by setting up a single unit test or multi-unit test without a PC, hence, the name MPO.



The MPO-2000 series provides Basic and Professional versions (model suffixes are represented by B and P).In terms of bandwidth, the Basic version is 100MHz and the Professional version is 200MHz and the main difference is that the Professional version provides larger program memory and more system resources to achieve the ability to process longer waveform data. The series provides USB CDC device control to meet the needs of multi-unit collaborative tests, and a Python GUI library is provided to allow users to modify the original built-in Python APP or write their own programs that present curve drawing and GUI operation menus to be packaged into Python programs developed by users.



The Basic version features the provided demo programs that can be executed (including programs with USB device control and GUI) and Python programs provided by users. In addition, the Professional version provides more diverse bus decoding functions, including FlexRay, USB-PD and I2S. Many bus decoding functions are included in the standard configuration, and users do not have to pay to have the functions, making MPO-2000 more competitive.



MPO-2000P is the only product of its class that has a built-in Python GUI library. Users can build their own test systems at a lower cost. A variety of executable Python APPs are built-in. An all-in-one instrument with affordable pricing is ideal for test and measurement automation teaching courses; small-scale automated test of production lines, component tolerance testing for quality assurance, and diversified test applications.





MPO-2000 provide 7 innovative functions:


  1. Python Script Execution
  2. Component Tester I-V curve
  3. Support MQTT Protocol
  4. Serial Bus decode
  5. Spectrogram
  6. Support Python GUI library (Professional version only)
  7. Support USB CDC-ACM, USB HID Protocol (Professional version only)



The Python APP currently installed on MPO-2000 includes the following categories:


  • BJT output characteristic curve
  • LC oscillator circuit frequency and temperature characteristic curve
  • Fuse endurance test
  • LED forward bias characteristic curve
  • Barcode scanner measurement application







On the MPO-2000, if users want to modify or call the script of the drawing library, they must purchase the Pro version to modify the program by themselves to meet the testing of different DUTs. In addition, other manufacturers can use the built-in AWG function of the oscilloscope to achieve similar effects, but the voltage and power of this kind of AWG are too small, and their practicality is low. One single MPO-2000 unit can meet the IV test requirements of parts suitable for voltages below 20V.



More detail, please follow the MPO-2000 Brochure. 




Standard Accessories


  • Power Cord, Certificate of Calibration,
  • Passive probe (one probe per channel)
  • GTL-110:BNC-BNC cable*2
  • GTL-105A:Alligator Clip test lead
  • GTL-207:Banana plug test lead
  • GTP-100B-4:100MHz(10:1/1:1)Switchable passive probe for MPO-2102B/2104B(one per channel)
  • GTP-200B-4 : 200MHz(10:1/1:1)Switchable passive probe for MPO-2102P/2104P(one per channel)


Optional Accessories


  • MP2-PRO: Basic version upgrade to Professional version
  • GDP-025: Differential Probe, 25M High Voltage Differntial Probe
  • GDP-050: Differential Probe, 50M High Voltage Differntial Probe
  • GDP-100: Differential Probe, 100M High Voltage Differntial Probe




Ordering Information



Model Name Description
MPO-2204P 200MHz, 4-channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, dual channel 25MHz AWG, 5,000 counts DMM and power supply
MPO-2202P 200MHz, 2-channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer, dual channel 25MHz AWG, 5,000 counts DMM and power supply
MPO-2104B 100MHz, 4-channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer ,dual channel 25MHz AWG, 5,000counts DMM and power supply
MPO-2102B 100MHz, 2-channel, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer ,dual channel 25MHz AWG, 5,000 counts DMM and power supply



*P version: Supports 100,000 points of waveform processing; CAN FD, USB 2.0(full speed), FlexRay, USB PD, S digital decoding; USB CDC ACM Class; USB HID Class; Python GUI library; Python scripts packaging into apps.

*B version: Supports 1,000 points of waveform processing; Supports CAN FD, USB 2.0 (full speed) digital decoding.



AC Power Source


User Manual
The user manual of MPO-2000 Series
User Manual version0.,EN 8.92 MB DOWNLOAD
MP2-PRO Installation Guide
MP2-PRO Option Installation Guide

(For MPO-2000 series)

MP2-PRO Installation Guide version.,EN 1 MB DOWNLOAD
The firmware of MPO-2000 Series
Firmware version1.03., 21.43 MB DOWNLOAD
Presentation Slide
The presentation slide of MPO-2000 Series (Customer Version)
Presentation Slide versionCustomer.,EN 9.62 MB DOWNLOAD
Python Tutorial and Application Handbook


Handbook version0.,EN 2.31 MB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
The programming manual of MPO-2000 Series
Programming Manual version0.,EN 3.98 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver of MPO-2000 Series
LabVIEW Driver version., 1.91 MB DOWNLOAD
The Brochure of MPO-2000 Series
Brochure version.,EN 5.87 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
The OpenWave of MPO-2000/GDS-3000A Series
PC Software version1.02., 56.79 MB DOWNLOAD