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Methods to Construct a Battery Charging and Discharging System


  Turn keyEntrust SI to purchase Turnkey Self-construction Construct independently through the suggested development platform

Save time and energy
Battery manufacturers only need to focus on material and formula research and process optimization, and all test issues are handled by SI

The self-constructed system can be adjusted according to the change of requirement, which is more flexible than the dedicated system

With self-construction flexibility, the simple platform can quickly complete automated testing procedures without professional software engineers


After the system is installed, it is dedicated, and there is no flexibility for adjustment

It is necessary to hire full-time and professional software engineers. If the engineer were to quit the job, it would cause system maintenance issues None

Solutions provided by GW Instek

GW Instek and its subsidiary Prodigit can provide integrated solutions for charging and discharging test systems 

GW Instek and its subsidiary Prodigit can provide power supplies, electronic loads and other instruments as well as sound after-sales services

GW Instek can provide the platform and the idle instruments in the required instrument field. Asset utilization can also be optimized through this open platform




9841 Battery Charge and Discharge Test System


Test functions:

  1. Charging test
  2. CC/CV/CP charging test
  3. Discharge test
  4. Ramp on/off high-speed ramp discharge test
  5. Pulse discharge test (>10C)
  6. AC/DC internal resistance test
  7. Temperature monitoring
  8. SOC/SOH battery capacity/life test
  9. Discharge test for imported customized discharge waveforms (CSV)
  10. Large current/high voltage test control switching device to avoid leakage current discharge of test device
  11. Up to 24 test channels



  • Charging voltage (V), current (A), power (W) according to actual application planning
  • Discharging voltage (V), current (A), power (W) according to actual application planning
  • Allow users to self-defined edit test steps
  • Measurevoltage,current,power,KWH,AH,temperature,andeasilyobservethecurrenttestprogressduringthetest,and
    provide the cycle test function
  • ProvideCharge,DisCharge,Suspend,FOR,LOOPmodestochoosefrom.Eachmodehasarelativesettingmethod,which
    is easy to set
  • Setthestopcurrentwhencharging,youcanstopchargingwhenfullychargedtoavoidbatterydamagecausedbyovercharging
  • SetthestopvoltageduringDisCharge,whichcanstopthedischargewhenthedischargereachesthelowestlevelsoasto
    avoid overdischarge discharge and battery damage
  • More than 100 test steps can be set and test results can be saved in EXCEL CSV format files
  • More than 1000 cycles of testing can be set




Battery charge and discharge test (Entrust SI to purchase Turnkey)







Test Example


The Start Screen


Additional Test Procedure



System Setup




Connection Setup



Start Test



Review test data



Review test records



Plotting the record waveform




Battery charge and discharge test(Self-construction)



Power < 3kW

Battery pack applications: Small energy storage, machine tool, mower, UPS, drone



For detailed specifications of the stand-alone unit, please click

GPP PEL-500 PEL-2000B PSW PSU PEL-3000




Power > 3kW to 360kW

Battery pack applications:Medium energy storage, Electric Vehicle



For detailed specifications of the stand-alone unit, please click 

PEL-5000C PEL-2000B


There are also customized solutions for power supply and Prodigit solutions for electronic loads




Battery charge and discharge test
(Construct independently through the suggested development platform)




In the past, the equipment could not be connected to the Internet,

and the process data had to rely on manual or semi-automatic collection of information


High time and labor costs for managing equipment and data







Through GW Instek's MetaLab and MetaView metaverse solutions

Complexity is managed by simplicity, greatly reducing the overall cost of test deployment and management






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