Application Note

Application of DAQ-9600 Data Acquisition System Optimizing the measurement


The DAQ-9600 is a versatile and powerful data acquisition system designed for high-speed and accurate data collection. Whether you're working in industrial automation, scientific research, or engineering, optimizing the measurement speed of your DAQ-9600 can significantly enhance your workflow efficiency and data integrity...




Discussion on System Error Caused by Power Meter Internal Resistance


Even when electrical appliances are plugged into sockets and in a powered-off or standby mode, they still consume electricity. Considering the amount of electrical devices in households and offices worldwide, reducing the power consumption...



How to Use Sensors to Convert Physical Quantities into Electricity?


The sensor (Sensor & Transducer) is the first unit of the data acquisition system architecture. Converting physical quantities (flow rate, stress, temperature, etc.) into electricity through different sensors is the first step in performing measurement...



The Importance of LCR Meter Sweeping Resonant Frequency


Passive components in the real environment all have unideal situations. Pure resistance, pure inductance, and pure capacitance only appear when discussing ideal conditions in textbooks.



On the Measurement Speed and Accuracy of Six and a Half Digit DMM


With respect to the six and a half digit DMM measurement applications, many factors will affect the accuracy of DMM measurement. This article will briefly discuss three main factors, namely speed, Power Line Cycle and temperature coefficient.



On the Error Sources and Measurement Techniques of Resistance Measurement


In 2023, the first room temperature and ambient-pressure superconductor LK-99 has generated heated discussions. The superconductor has zero resistance and has the diamagnetic Meissner effect...