GDM-8351 Dual Measurement Multimeter
  • 120,000 counts, VFD display
  • Dual measurement/Dual display
  • The basic precision of DC voltage: 0.012%
  • Selectable measurement speeds, the maximum: 320 Readings/s
  • True RMS (AC,AC+DC) measurements
  • Auto/manual selection
  • 12 different measurement functions: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, AC+DC voltage/current, 2W/4W resistance, continuity beeper, diode test, capacitance, frequency, temperature
  • Many auxiliary functions: Max./Min., REL/REL#, Compare, Hold, dB, dBm, Math (MX+B, %, 1/X)
  • Digital I/O provides dual mode (standard Compare and User definition modes)
  • Standard RS-232C and USB device interface (support USBCDC and USBTMC modes)

GW Instek presents the brand new 5 1/2 Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter─ GDM-8351 to replace GDM-8251A of the same category. GDM-8351 features VFD dual-display, maximum 120,000 counts, 0.012% basic DC voltage accuracy and USB/RS232C connectors to provide users with measurement precision, lucid data observation, and the convenient connection with the personal computer.

In addition to the fundamental measurement items such as AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, AC+DC voltage/current, 2W/4W resistance, frequency, temperature measurement, continuity beeper and diode test, GDM-8351 also equips with the capacitance measurement function. Furthermore, the GDM-8351 also provides many auxiliary functions, including maximum/minimum values, dB, dBm, compare, reading hold, algorithms (MX+B, 1/X, %) etc. to meet the measurement requirements for manufacturing process tests, educational experiments and testing facilities.

For the external control, the pin of digital I/O interface not only provides the signal output frequently used by the compare function, but also allows users to define signal output for each pin. Under the self-definition mode, users can apply the I/O as a simple digital hardware. The external control requirement can be achieved by signals from each pin so as to help users reduce trouble of making hardware.

With respect to remote control and retrieving data, GDM-8351, taking consideration of users’ habitual practice and universal system interface, provides standard RS-232C and USB interface to edit control programs and read measurement results. It is worth noting that for utilizing the USB interface, users have options of selecting either USBCDC or USBTMC mode. While USBTMC is selected, users are able to control instrument with the USB interface exactly the same as controlling instrument with the GPIB interface; therefore, the relatively expensive GPIB connection cable is no longer required.

  • Dual measurement/Dual display
  • Selectable measurement speeds
  • Various measurement items and functionalities
  • Convenient Digital I/O function
  • Free software-remote control and data retrieving
  • Command compatibility

Included Accessories 

Safety Instruction Sheet x1, Power cord x1, Test lead GTL-207A x1, 
CD x 1 (including complete user manual, driver and software) 
Optional Accessories
GTL-108A 4Wire Test Lead (Kelvin Clip), Approx. 1100mm
GTL-205A Temperature probe adaptor with thermocouple (K-type), Approx. 1000mm
GTL-232 RS-232C Cable, 9-pin female to 9-pin, null modem for computer, Approx. 2000mm
GTL-246 USB Cable, A-B type, Approx.1200mm
GRA-422 Rack Adapter Panel (19” 2U)
GDM-TL1 Test Lead Set for All DMM 
GSC-014 Soft Carrying Case for DMM Accessory
GDM-8351 5 ½ (120,000 Counts) Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter
GDM-8351 5 ½ (120,000 Counts) Digit Dual Measurement Multimeter Where to buy
3D Model
3D Model version., 【Member Only】 21 kB DOWNLOAD
2D Drawing
2D Drawing version., 【Member Only】 122 kB DOWNLOAD
Assembly Manual
The Rack Adapter assembly manual of GRA-422
Assembly Manual version.,EN 385 kB DOWNLOAD
2D Drawing
GDM-8351 2D DIME.
2D Drawing version., 【Member Only】 380 kB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
GDM-8351 3D DIME.
3D Model version., 【Member Only】 3.34 MB DOWNLOAD
GDM-8351 Newest firmware file
Firmware versionV1.07.,EN 【Member Only】 88 kB DOWNLOAD
PC Software Guide
The Software manual of GDM-8351/GDM-834x Series.
PC Software Guide version20211230.,EN 845 KB DOWNLOAD
The brochure of GDM-8351
Brochure version202101.,EN 1.84 MB DOWNLOAD
Firmware Upgrade Guide
The Firmware Manual of GDM-8351
Firmware Upgrade Guide version1.,EN 174.9 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The User Manual of GDM-8351
User Manual versionB1_20200227.,EN 3.03 MB DOWNLOAD
USB Driver
The USB Driver (USB-CDC) of GDM-8351
USB Driver version.,EN 528 KB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
GDM-8351 LabVIEW Driver (for LabVIEW 2011 or later)
LabVIEW Driver version.,EN 639.2 KB DOWNLOAD
Firmware Upgrade Program & Manual
The firmware upgrade program & manual of GDM-8351
Firmware Upgrade Program & Manual version.,EN 9.72 MB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
EXCEL ADDINS of GDM-8351 / GDM-834x Series for RS232/USB interface
PC Software version1.,EN 6.5 MB DOWNLOAD