• 雙量測顯示
  • 0.01 %高調節率
  • 固定電壓固定電流工作模式
  • 高效率
  • 高功率密度
  • 過電壓輸出保護
  • 遠端控制輸出 開啟/關閉

The SPS-Series are single output, 360W, switching DC power supply. OVP protects the SPS-Series and their load from unexpected conditions. High regulation is maintained at 0.01%. Remote sensing adds extra level of precision by compensating cable losses between loads. Turning the output On/Off from external device is available through remote control terminals. The SPS-Series are an ideal solution for power-efficient bench-top or portable applications requiring high regulation.


使用手冊x 1,電源線x 1
GTL-203A 測線*1

SPS-1230 交換式直流電源供應器(360W)
SPS-1230 交換式直流電源供應器(360W) 如何購買
SPS-1820 交換式直流電源供應器(360W)
SPS-1820 交換式直流電源供應器(360W) 如何購買
SPS-2415 交換式直流電源供應器(360W)
SPS-2415 交換式直流電源供應器(360W) 如何購買
SPS-3610 交換式直流電源供應器(360W)
SPS-3610 交換式直流電源供應器(360W) 如何購買
SPS-606 交換式直流電源供應器(360W)
SPS-606 交換式直流電源供應器(360W) 如何購買
SPS-1230 Datasheet
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User Manual
SPS-series User Manual
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