About Us
In every industry, from communications to consumer electronics, from transportation to sciences, we can see that the power of technology enriches lives. While new technological advances bring promises of greater efficiency, connectivity and speed, they require equally advanced test and measurement equipment to bring them to life. 

Made with Understanding
With decades of experience in the test and measurement industry, GW Instek has just one story to tell. It starts with our experience of creating highly accurate test equipment, and ends with our deep understanding of the various industries that depend upon them. Starting in 1975, GW Instek designed, manufactured and marketed data acquisition and control instruments for both device production and assembly testing. 

Our product portfolio includes over 300 products across five key lines – oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function generators, power supplies, and component/ safety testers. Just like our product range, the industries we serve are as diverse as they are specialized. These include automotive industry, medical sector, semiconductor, telecommunications, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, optoelectronics, factory automation, research and education. Together, our experience and expertise allow us to deliver high-performance test solutions that address the unique requirements of each client. Solutions that are backed by comprehensive after-sales support, warranty and calibration services, with one of the industry's best price vs. performance ratios. Solutions that are "Made to Measure".

Made with Innovation
Think of the word "innovation" and it’s easy to think of R&D, new inventions, faster processing and groundbreaking technologies. However, our focus at GW Instek is on another type of innovation.
It’s innovation that concentrates on generating value for end-users; represented by a lowest total cost per ownership. Innovation based on flexibility, manageability and efficient performance in real-world test applications. Logical innovation that offers more choices and straightforward answers, enhances our ability to provide ‘Made to Measure’ solutions. We call this ‘customer-focused’ innovation and we believe strongly in it.
By listening to our customers around the world, we are able to anticipate their needs and respond quickly to emerging trends. So when one of our customers introduces an exciting new technology, GW Instek is ready to test it

Made with Performance Quality

Whether our customers are designing products with the ability to change people’s lives, educating and training the engineers of tomorrow, or discovering new technologies that solve complex problems, GW Instek can be trusted to perform reliably and accurately in even the most demanding test environments. How can we be sure? We have the numbers to back it up. Actually, we have just one: 40. That’s the number of in-house quality and performance verification tests each GW Instek product must pass before it leaves our facilities. This thorough process starts with environmental, safety and durability testing in the product design phase, through to burn-in and shipping tests ahead of final inspection and packing. Furthermore, our two manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China both adhere to ISO quality and environmental management standards, as well as European CE safety regulations. So in addition to being Made to Measure, GW Instek products can be trusted to test.