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Mixed-Domain Oscilloscope Limited Time Sale: 20% off


  • Promotion price: The MDO-2000E series 100MHz/200MHz models: 20% off.
  • Promotion period: As of today until Oct 31, 2020.
  • For the promotion detail, different regions may have different practices, please confirm the promotion package with your local distributor.
    This promotion does not include China, Japan, Korea, and Russia


The MDO-2000E series is multi-functional mixed-domain oscilloscope. It is the only series in the same category oscilloscope to provide the mixed-domain measure capability.

All series is equipped with a 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator with a frequency response analysis software and users can get the bode plot.

As of today until Oct 31, 2020, we provide 20% off discount to allow users to easily own a mixed-domain oscilloscope.