Automotive Test Solutions



SKTS-5000, PKE/RKE Test Solution (Greater China Only)

is a complete test system integrated to meet the production test requirements of smart car keys. This system provides the major measurement equipment required for the current major applications of smart car keys (RKE & PKE). The system is configured by a 35U rack containing a C-2100 tester (with spectrum analyzer, a RF signal generator and an arbitrary wave generator), C-3102 module (with three-axis switch and amplifier), C-1103 mode set (with system status indication and emergency stop button), IPC, LCD, tri-color tower indicator, and uninterruptible power system.

For signal input and output, SKTS-5000 provides four RF input channels, one set of RF 315/433MHz outputs, and one set of LF signal outputs. The LF output signal supports the frequency range from 10Hz to 10MHz and the adjustable voltage function to perform a variety of smart key tests. Via the three-axis switch and amplifier module, it can be used to simulate the distance between the vehicle and the DUT. The system status indication, emergency button and tri-color tower indication design allow users to quickly and easily understand the current test situation.

Features Highlight:
- 4 sets of RF input channels (switching Type)
- HF 315/433 MHz modulated output (OOK, FSK)
- LF 10Hz to 10MHz wake-up signal output
- Adjustable output voltage of LF signal
- Support three-axis LF output path switching
- All-in-One test system

Single PC Software integrates the control and state of the entire system to simplify the complexity of R&D and operating engineers.


Support tests on different DUTs. The independent configuration file can be utilized to load the file and conduct tests.


Support required tests for RKE/PKE and present complete test results; in addition, the results can be exported to build a test database.



C-2100, PKE/RKE Tester (Greater China Only)

is a PKE/RKE tester specifically integrated for the test requirements for testing and producing smart car keys. This system provides the measurement equipment required for the current main applications of smart car keys (RKE & PKE), including spectrum analyzer, RF signal generator and arbitrary waveform generator. In addition, for LF 10Hz ~ 10MHz of PKE, this system simulates the distance between the vehicle and the DUT, and supports the output capability of the three-axis antenna.


C-1100, FSK/ASK/TPMS Tester

is an ASK/FSK-application rack mount remote tester optimized for uses in TPMS, RKE, PKE, and etc. It provides 4 RF inputs, 1 315/433 MHz output, and 1 LF 125 kHz output. C-1100 has full function software for the user and provides variety protocol to integrate user’s system software. We also provide technical support for users to set up a system software plan successfully.

Free PC software with complete functions.


Simply PASS/FAIL on ATE pipeline production line.


Support LabVIEW Driver and Example.



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