PSU-Series Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply
  • Voltage Rating : 6V/8V/12.5V/15V/20V/30V/40V/50V/60V/80V/100V/150V/300V/400V/600V
  • Output Power Rating: 1200W~1560W
  • C.V / C.C Priority
  • Adjustable voltage/current rise and fall time
  • Series/ Parallel Connection: Max. 2 Units(Models Under 300V)/ 4 Units of The Same Model
  • High Efficiency and High Power Density
  • 1U Height and 19”Rack Mount Size
  • Standard Interface: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, Analog Control
  • Optional Interface: GPIB, Isolated Analog Interface(Voltage Control/ Current Control)

GW Instek PSU-Series, a DC power supply with high power density design, is 1U in height and compatible with 19” Rack Mount Size. The series is suitable for test system installation or system integration by flexibly selecting models for the integration into the existing test system. The PSU- Series, featuring superior voltage and current control functions, comprises fifteen models with output voltage/current ranging from 6V/200A to 600V/2.6A. The Series is suitable for different test conditions and DUTs, including electronic components testing, micro resistors, relays, shunt resistors, 12V/24V/48V battery simulation, and automotive electronic device testing.


The PSU-HV series is ideal for the primary input of DC/DC converter and servomotor production application. PSU is often integrated into component test systems such as aging test equipment for capacitors; 600V DC bias applications; aging test equipment for diode; semiconductor production equipment; automotive electronics; and ECU for V8 engine or V12 engine, etc.


Utilizing same model units of the PSU-Series to conduct series and parallel connections can increase total output power, total current or total voltage. The wide voltage and current output ranges of the PSU-Series can fully satisfy various voltage and current measurement requirements. The PSU-Series is a single power output DC programmable power supply, which outputs 1200W to 1560W. The PSU-Series provides maximum 2 units in series connection (models under 300V) to achieve maximum 600V or 4 units in parallel connection to obtain maximum 800A and the maximum output power of 6.24 kilowatts.



More details, please follow PSU-Series Datasheet.



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Applications and Solutions - The setting of Test Script

Test Script Setting Procedures: (Using a PSW as an example):

1. Download t001.csv and t001.tst from GW Instek website


2. Save t001.csv and t001.tst to your USB’s root directory and confirm the saved file names are identical in your USB flash drive



3. Open t001.csv provided by GW Instek and edit output voltage, current, time, cycle, etc. for step1~step9. Please refer to the following chart. For cycle setting, first of all, set the step numbers for Start and End. Start and End should be placed corresponding to the step positions.




After filling the Excel chart with the parameters, users can quickly obtain a sequential power output as shown below.


From the above output example, each step is a setting and there are 9 steps to make up a cycle. The set cycle was repeated for two times.


Settings for power supply: (For demonstration purpose, this example only planned 9 steps, please see Test Script features below for its full capability.)


Features of GW Instek Test Script:

Setting: Capable of editing up to 20,000 settings

Cycle: Capable of setting 1 billion or infinite cycles

Duration time: Each setting can be set from 50ms to 20 days


Settings for power supply:

Step 1 Set output Off for two seconds
Step 2 Set 80V/ 7A output for 10 seconds
Step 3 Set 20V/3.5A output for 3 seconds
Step 4 Set 75V/8A output for 5 seconds
Step 5 Set 30V/10A output for 2 seconds
Step 6 Set 45V/10A output for 4 seconds
Step 7 Set 50V/10A output for 2 seconds
Step 8 Set 10V/10A output for 1 second
Step 9 Set 70V/20A output for 5 seconds. Determine whether the cycle number reaches 2.


(End Test Script if the cycle number is 2. If the cycle number is less than 2, repeat step1~step9.)


Test Script Parameter Definition:

i. OVP: over voltage protection setting. MAX: Maximum value by default;MIN: Minimum value by default

ii. OCP: over current protection setting. MAX: Maximum value by default;MIN: Minimum value by default

iii. Set Bleeder to 1 to activate bleeder control。(This function is to assist DUT to quickly discharge) Set Bleeder to 0 to deactivate bleeder control
iv. IV mode:
CVHS: Set PSW under CV priority mode, voltage rising and falling are at the fastest mode (slew rate setting for voltage and current is invalid)
CCHS: Set PSW under CC priority mode, current rising and falling are at the fastest mode (slew rate setting for voltage and current is invalid)
CVLS: Set PSW under CV slew rate control mode, voltage rising and falling are operated by settings。
CCLS: Set PSW under CC slew rate control mode, current rising and falling are operated by settings。
Cycle: Set the number of cycles (To execute infinite cycles please set the number of cycles to 0)


4. The following dialogue box will appear when you save or close the file. Please click “yes”to maintain this format.



5. After saving the file, please insert USB to the USB port on the front panel of PSW and wait for 5 seconds. (MS appearing on the display represents USB has been read)


6. Press test key on the front panel of PSW to enter Sequence function settings.



7. Use voltage knob to select T-02, then use current knob to select desired memory location (1~10) and press voltage knob to save the file to PSW.


Note: If .csv file name is t001 please select memory location(number) 1. If .csv file name is t002 please select memory location 2 and so on.



8.Use voltage knob to select T-01, then use current knob to select desired memory location (1~10) and press voltage knob to confirm execution setting. Press OUTPUT key, PSW will then output the previous edited settings.


9. Press voltage knob and then the following display will be shown to represent it is successfully entering the execution stand-by display. Press “output” to initiate operation. To pause operation, press “output” again. To resume operation, press “output”. To terminate operation and exit Test Script, press “Test”.



 Note: If there is error messages as shown on the following displays please follow “Error Messages and Solutions”to amend t00x.csv file.。
(For example: Error 93→_SEQ_ERR__OCP_TOO_SMALL.) OCP setting is too small that is beyond the specifications. Settings should be within the specifications.)



GW Instek power supply models supporting Test Script are as follows: 


PSU 6-200

PSU 12.5-120

PSU 20-76

PSU 40-38

PSU 60-25

PSU 100-15

PSU 150-10

PSU 300-5

PSU 400-3.8

PSU 600-2.6

PSW 30-36

PSW 30-72

PSW 30-108

PSW 80-13.5

PSW 80-27

PSW 80-40.5

PSW 160-7.2

PSW 160-14.4

PSW 160-21.6

PSW 250-4.5

PSW 250-9

PSW 250-13.5

PSW 800-1.44

PSW 800-2.88

PSW 800-4.32








Download The executable files of Test Scrip
Download The operational menu of Test Script
Download Error message list for Test Script


Standard Accessories:

CD-ROM x 1(User Manual, Programming Manual)
Output terminal cover x 1
Analog connector plug kit x 1
Output terminal M8 bolt set(6V~60V model)
Input terminal cover x 1
1U Handle(RoHS)
1U Bracket(LEFT, RoHS)
1U Bracket(RIGHT, RoHS)
Power Cord(10A) provided for certain regions only


Optional Accessories


 USB cable, USB 2.0 A-B type cable, 4P


 Front panel filter kit(Factory Install)


 Joins a vertical stack of 2 PSU units together. 2U-sized handles x2, joining plates x2


 Bus Bar for 2 units in parallel operation


 Cable for 2 units in parallel operation


 Joins a vertical stack of 3 PSU units together. 3U-sized handles x2, joining plates x2


 Bus Bar for 3 units in parallel operation


 Cable for 3 units in parallel operation


 Joins a vertical stack of 4 PSU units together. 4U-sized handles x2, joining plates x2


 Bus Bar for 4 units in parallel operation


 Cable for 4 units in parallel operation


 RS232 Cable with DB9 connector kit


 RS485 Cable with DB9 connector kit


 Slide bracket 2pcs / set


 GPIB Interface Card (Factory Installed)


 Isolated Current Remote Control Card (Factory Installed)


 Isolated Voltage Remote Control Card (Factory Installed)


 UL/CSA power cord, 3M


 VDE power cord, 3M


 PSE power cord, 3M


 USB CABLE 2.0 A-B ,1.2M









Model Name Voltage Current Power
PSU 6-200  6V  200A 1200W
PSU 8-180  8V  180A 1440W 
 PSU 12.5-120  12.5V  120A  1500W 
PSU 15-100   15V  100A  1500W 
 PSU 20-76  20V  76A  1520W 
PSU 30-50  30V  50A  1500W 
PSU 40-38  40V  38A  1520W 
 PSU 50-30  50V  30A  1500W 
 PSU 60-25  60V  25A  1500W 
 PSU 80-19  80V  19A  1520W 
PSU 100-15  100V  15A  1500W 
PSU 150-10  150V  10A  1500W 
PSU 300-5  300V   5A  1500W 
PSU 400-3.8  400V  3.8A  1520W 
PSU 600-2.6  600V  2.6A  1560W 


Test scripts
The Test scripts of PSU
Test scripts Ver.., 892 b DOWNLOAD
2019 Power Supplies Catalog
Catalog Ver.2019.,EN 112.24 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver of PSU-Series, for LabView 2009 version.
LabVIEW Driver Ver.1.0.0., 505 KB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
PSU 6-200, PSU 12.5-120, PSU 20-76, PSU 40-38, PSU 60-25 Step file
3D Model Ver.., 1.19 MB DOWNLOAD
3D Model
PSU 100-15, PSU 150-10, PSU 300-5, PSU400-3.8, PSU 600-2.6 Step file
3D Model Ver.., 1.18 MB DOWNLOAD
Quick Start Guide
Quick start guide for PSU-Series.
Quick Start Guide Ver.D.,EN 1.05 MB DOWNLOAD
LinkVIeW Application software(Free of Charge) Must install NI-VISA before execution
Software Ver.1.50.08., 57.93 MB DOWNLOAD
The brochure of PSU-Series.
Brochure Ver..,EN 2.88 MB DOWNLOAD
The datasheet of PSU-Series.
Datasheet Ver..,EN 5.77 MB DOWNLOAD
Programming Manual
The Programming Manual of PSU-Series.
Programming Manual Ver.1.7.,EN 3.25 MB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The User Manual of PSU-Series.
User Manual Ver.H.,EN 4.69 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver for 7.1, of PSU-Series.
LabVIEW Driver Ver.1.,EN 363.0 KB DOWNLOAD
USB Driver
The USB Driver of PSU-Series.
USB Driver Ver.1.,EN 5.8 KB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver for 8.x, of PSU-Series.
LabVIEW Driver Ver.1.,EN 539.0 KB DOWNLOAD
PC Software
The PC Software without Microsoft .Net Framework of PSU-Series.
PC Software Ver.,EN 15.2 MB DOWNLOAD
LabVIEW Driver
The LabVIEW Driver of PSU Series, for LabVIEW 2012.
LabVIEW Driver Ver.1.,EN 506.1 KB DOWNLOAD