GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Range : 150kHz ~ 3GHz
  • Autoset Function
  • Noise Floor: ≦-100dBm
  • RBW Range : 30kHz, 100kHz, 300kHz, 1MHz
  • ACPR/CHPW/OCBW Measurement
  • 3 Traces in Different Colors
  • Split Window Function
  • Limit Line Function
  • Remote Control Software
  • Presentation Material for Training Courses
  • Support Interface : USB Device/Host, RS-232C
  • 5.6” TFT LCD with VGA Output

Tune-key Solution for RF and Communication Experiment Courses

GW Instek GSP-730 is a 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer mainly developed to fulfill the demands of RF Communication educations. Budget constraint and insufficient teaching tools are normally the two hurdles for schools to provide high-quality courses for RF communication experiments. A moderate spectrum analyzer, GSP-730, featuring full functions should provide, along with GRF-1300 training kit possesses a unique position in the field as an economic turn-key solution for 3GHz RF Communication Experiment courses.

With its components, GSP-730 Spectrum Analyzer, GRF-1300 Trainer and a PC, properly connected, a tangible system is integrated for performing ongoing experiments while the lecture is given. Using a PC, the teacher can present teaching material with PowerPoint slide and simultaneously control GSP-730 and GRF-1300 to perform experiments and get spectrum displays and parameter readings on the PC screen. GSP-730 and GRF-1300 easily transferred the current teaching materials, including the PowerPoint slides, textbook, and a remote control software, into electronic-teaching system.

Fully-electronic RF training system

The combination of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 forms a fundamental training system for RF communication and telecommunication classes in the universities, colleges, vocational schools, and the training centers in military as well as private companies. Instead of the tremendous cost of the installation of new training system, the conjunction of GSP-730 and GRF-1300 provides an economic solution to eliminate two obstacles, budget constraint and insufficiency of teaching tools.

Quick Start manual *1, User Manual CD *1, Power Cord *1 

GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer
GSP-730 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer Where to buy
User Manual
GRF-1300 User Manual (Student Version).
User Manual Ver.1.,EN 5.5 MB DOWNLOAD
Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide of GSP-730.
Quick Start Guide Ver.C.,EN 2.1 MB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The User Manual of GSP-730.
User Manual Ver.A.,EN 3.1 MB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The GIT-5060 user manual.
User Manual Ver.1.,EN 252.0 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The GLN-5040A user manual.
User Manual Ver.1.,EN 704.0 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The GPL-5010 user manual.
User Manual Ver.1.,EN 354.8 KB DOWNLOAD
User Manual
The GKT-008 user manual.
User Manual Ver.A.,EN 1.5 MB DOWNLOAD