GFC-8131H/GFC-8270H Intelligent Counter
  • * GFC-8270H Discontinued
  • Frequency and Period Measurement
  • High Resolution at Both High and Low Frequency
  • 0.01Hz~2.7GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8270H)
  • 0.01Hz~1.3GHz Frequency Range(GFC-8131H)
  • 10mV rms High Sensitivity
  • 100nHz Resolution for 1Hz Input
  • Variable Trigger Level Control
  • Microprocessor Controlled Intelligent Counter(only GFC-8270H)


* GFC-8270H has been Discontinued


The GFC-8000 Series performs virtually all of the counting measurements required in laboratories, in terms of both period and frequency. A bright red 8 digit LED display with an included overflow indicator provides a clear view. Both models feature a stable time base with a maximum resolution of 100nHz and 10nS at 1Hz for frequency and period measurement, respectively.


Gate time can be configured for fast response (5 digits/10ms) or accuracy (7 digits/s) for more control. For high frequency needs, the GFC-8270H can operate at up to 2.7GHz. The GFC-8000 Series features easy operation with a simple front panel interface, suitable for both portable and bench-top use.




Included Accessories
User manual x1, Power cord x1, GTL-110 x 1, GTL-101 x 1
GFC-8131H 1.3GHz Intelligent Counter
GFC-8131H 1.3GHz Intelligent Counter Where to buy
GFC-8270H (Discontinued) 2.7GHz Intelligent Counter
GFC-8270H (Discontinued) 2.7GHz Intelligent Counter Where to buy
GFC-8131H/8270H Product Information

(GFC-8270H Discontinued)

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User Manual
GFC-8131H/8270H User Manual

(GFC-8270H Discontinued)

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