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The devil is in the details

On the design details of dual-channel DC power supplies






They all claim to be dual-channel power supplies, but the devil is in the details, and details determine value.



There are many dual-channel DC power supplies on the market. In addition to providing two independent power supplies, dual-channel power supplies also have the following three applications due to their dual-channel design:



  • Application 1: Series and parallel connection between channels. Series connection can meet the requirement of larger voltage applications, and parallel connection can meet the requirement of larger current applications.
  • Application 2: Provide positive and negative voltages to test the DUT, such as a dual-channel positive and negative low dropout voltage regulator.
  • Application 3: Simultaneous output of dual channels to excite the DUT that requires synchronous action.



The above three applications will have different impacts on users due to different designs. The followings are three designs on the market.




When used as separate channels, no difference can be seen between the three designs









Applications in parallel





For design 1, when considering series and parallel applications, it can only be used in series but not in parallel. Design 2 requires users to spend more time on external wiring. GW Instek's automatic wiring design allows users to easily complete series and parallel applications.



Applications in series








After addressing application 1- the series and parallel connection between channels. Next, let’s talk about application 2: provides positive and negative voltages to test the DUT.







Finally, the application of synchronous stimulation




The actual measurement comparison is between the output start-up and output shutdown transients of GW Instek's GPP series and a different brand. When outputting the same voltage, the inter-channel delay of GW Instek's GPP is extremely low (typical value is 0.1ms), while the other brand has a 12ms channel delay when turned on and there is a 100ms channel delay when turned off.













GW Instek's GPP series multi-channel DC power supply not only pays attention to the details of multi-channel applications, but also provides the following features:



  • Electronic load
  • Sequential output
  • The data logging/recording function is only available on channel 1 and channel 2
  • Channel 3 output via USB Type A (only available on GPP3323/3060/6030)
  • Series and parallel automatic tracking/automatic wiring (GPP1326 single channel does not have this function)
  • Compatible with the commands of GPD-x303S series DC power supply













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