GW Instek introduces C-1200 Multi-Channel LoRa Tester
The First Multi-Channel LoRa-Specific One Box Tester for Transmitter and Receiver Tests
GW Instek Launches GSP-9300 Spectrum Analyzer
GW Instek announces the release of light, compact, and high C/P ratio 3GHz GSP-9300 spectrum analyzer. The GSP-9300 frequency range stretches from 9 KHz to 3GHz and features many functions such as radio frequency and power measurement, 2FSK digital commun
GW Instek launches new economical safety testers GPT-9600 Series.
GW Instek launches new economical safety testers, the GPT-9600 Series, which offers an affordable solution for supporting routine tests of major items of the safety standards such as IEC, EN, UL, CSA, GB, JIS and other safety regulations. The GPT-9600 Ser
GW Instek Announces New 50Ω Impedance Adaptor (GAK-003) Option for the GDS-2000A Series Digital Stor
In order to broaden the measurement application range of the GDS-2000A series digital storage oscilloscope, GW Instek has augmented the optional accessory list with 50Ω impedance adapter (GAK-003).