GW Instek introduces MFG-2220HM Series Multi-Channel Function Generator

Multi-channel signal outputs to satisfy your diversified signal requirements

GW Instek has augmented the MFG-2000 series by incorporating MFG-2220HM, a 200MHz dual-channel model in the series, which allows the highest frequency range of dual-channel signal generator model to reach 200MHz. MFG-2220 HM features the Reference input / Reference output function, which, via the interfaces, can drive up to four units to achieve eight channels of phase synchronous outputs.

The AFG channel of the MFG-2220HM outputs sine, square, ramp and pulse, etc. MFG-2220HM provides up to 250MSa/s sample rate; 125MHz waveform repetition rate, 14 bits amplitude resolution, and 16k point memory depth. For waveform modulations, MFG-2220HM provides ASK / PSK modulation other than AM / FM / PM / SUM / FSK / PWM, which are also provided by other models. Sweep, Burst, Trigger, 150MHz Frequency Counter and 25MHz pulse generator are also available. Its pulse width, rise edge time, fall edge time are adjustable that can be applied as trigger signals. Synchronized dual channel models provide correlated functions, including synchronization, delay, sum, and coupling. The major difference between MFG-2220HM and other MFG-2000 models is the design of non-isolated channels. The product positioning is aiming at the preliminary education market, providing users with economical prices to meet the requirements of dual-channel 200MHz teaching and testing applications.


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