GLC-10000 Leakage Current Tester Catching every safety value

GW Instek, a professional manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, announced on February 24 that it launched a new generation of leakage current tester GLC-10000 to meet the test and measurement needs of general electronic instruments, illumination and medical electronic equipment. Because medical electronic equipment involves the safety of operators and patients, the medical equipment electrical safety standard IEC-60601-1 is used around the world to ensure the safety and reliability of these medical equipment during operations. GLC-10000 meets the requirements of the latest IEC-60601-1 edition 3.2, which ensures that the design and manufacture of products meet the requirements of IEC, EN, UL safety regulations.


Andy Kung, deputy manager of the product marketing division of GW Instek's business development department, pointed out that GLC-10000 has 12 simulated human body impedance measurement networks that meet relevant safety regulations. Through the simulation operation of human body impedance, it is possible to measure how much leakage current will be produced when the impedance conversion of the human body encounters electricity. In addition to being widely used in medical electronic equipment, GLC-10000 is also very suitable for general instruments and equipment.


The brand new GLC-10000 is equipped with a 7-inch TFT LCD touch screen. Users only need to touch the items displayed on the screen to perform operation settings without memorizing complex steps. The large screen can display the setting parameters and measurement results at the same time, which can provide the best observation effect. In addition, users can also select the front-end output (maximum 10A) or rear-end output (maximum 20A) to measure the leakage current according to the current consumption of the DUT. Furthermore, 30 sets of blank memory groups are built-in, allowing users to define the name of each memory group and the content of the test conditions, which greatly shortens the test setting time. At the same time, 1000 sets of measurement results can be stored for subsequent analysis.


GLC-10000 also reserves the simulated impedance network/device (MD) external terminal interface (EXT+/EXT-) for measurement, users can define the required simulated impedance network (only applicable to parallel RC combination) to meet the new requirements of future regulations. In addition, GLC-10000 provides a variety of standard interfaces, including standard RS-232C, USB, LAN and Remote I/O, and optional GPIB to meet the needs of system control and data acquisition.


GLC-10000 leakage current tester is easy to operate with high precision and sensitivity, and it can ensure the test results even for very small leakage currents. It is the best test and measurement partner to facilitate medical electronic equipment to meet the requirements of safety regulations.


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