NTU EMBA Campus Run Goes Global: A Showcase of Environmental Stewardship

 (Source: NTU EMBA Official Website)


The 12th edition of the National Taiwan University Executive Master of Business Administration (NTU EMBA) Campus Marathon was successfully held, embodying the core principles of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through the power of sports.


Themed "Campus Eco Run for Sustainable Beauty," the event called on alumni, current students, and faculty to actively engage in environmental conservation and sustainable energy efforts. To adhere to sustainable practices, the entire event adopted a paperless approach, including race result certificates and event handbooks.


Collaborating with E-Specialization Class (E勢泮), the event's commemorative items were created in partnership, with 100% of recycled PET bottles used to make exclusive commemorative shoe bags. The finishing medals were also crafted using recycled materials. Carbon-intensive bottled water supply was eliminated on the racecourse, replaced by Tansox low-carbon water sponsored by EMBA alumni, reducing approximately 123 grams of carbon emissions per bottle.


On-site partners, including COMEBUY founder Mr. Chen, introduced paperless cup bubble teas to encourage runners to bring reusable cups, thus minimizing the environmental impact of packaging. Additionally, support was extended to U-cup, an eco-friendly cup rental service founded by NTU Forest Science graduate Mr. Ding, aiming to reduce single-use plastic consumption.


Mr. Chen, the Executive Director of NTU EMBA, expressed that the event incorporates the latest ideas into the campus marathon, actively supporting the United Nations' principle that "sports promote education, health, development, and peace."


Participants gained profound insights into social awareness and environmental responsibility through the event, echoing the sentiments of Far Eastern Group's Chief Editor Mr. Lee, who remarked, "English is the world's universal language, and sports are the world's equal language!"


Beyond the record-breaking teams, the race featured a festive atmosphere with participants showcasing teamwork through group costumes such as the "Pink Barbie Team," "Fu Lu Shou Xi Seven Treasures Team," and "Snow White and Cute Animals," capturing the attention of onlookers.


Dean Mr. Hu of the College of Management highlighted the pivotal role sports play in NTU EMBA activities, fostering emotional connections among students and promoting camaraderie across different cohorts. Surplus funds from the event will be donated to the Zhicheng Educational Foundation, the Republic of China Bone Marrow Cancer Care Association, and to support the school's promotion of long-distance running.


The successful conclusion of the 12th NTU EMBA Campus Marathon establishes it as a model for sustainable sports events.


In this instance, GW Instek sponsored the event, contributing to the digitization of the event, promoting a low-carbon diet, implementing plastic reduction measures, and advocating for second-hand goods, thereby deepening the event's social value. This initiative guides individuals to reflect on their relationship with sustainability, paving the way for the bright future of domestic and international sports events intertwined with social responsibility.