GW Instek Launches LCR-1000 Hand-held LCR Meter






LCR-1000 Series Special Feature


  • 50,000 Counts Resolution on Primary and Secondary Display
  • Six or Eight Selectable Test Frequencies Depends on Model
  • Test Level Selectable : AC 0.3V/0.7V/1Vrms and DC +/- 1V
  • Selectable measurement Speed : Fast 10 Times/s, Slow 2.5 Times/s



GW Instek launches the new LCR-1000 series, which is a handheld LCR meter with the automatic real-time test function. The series adopts TFT-LCD and provides a basic accuracy of 0.2%. Users can choose to use buttons or touch screen operations. The series, with high measurement accuracy and usability, is suitable for precision tests, including maintenance test, component production, schools/research institutes, and even quality test.


The LCR-1000 series comprises 2 models. The LCR-1100 provides a test frequency up to 100 kHz, and the LCR-1010 provides a test frequency up to 10 kHz. The series provides selectable test voltages (0.3/0.7/1.0Vrms) and equivalent circuits (series/parallel) to automatically measure capacitance, inductance, resistance, reactance, impedance, quality factor, loss factor, phase and DC resistance.


The LCR-1000 series, with 50,000 display counts for both main and auxiliary parameters and a basic accuracy of 0.2%, supports 2-wire or 5-wire measurement. Furthermore, the series also provides the comparison function and data retention function to meet various test and measurement requirements for different types of components.


The entire series is equipped with USB-HID and USB-VCOM interfaces. A simple and practical free PC software is provided and remote control commands (compatible with SCPI) are available for users to write their own personal software to meet the needs of data acquisition.



Selection Guide





Test Frequency 50/100/120Hz/1k/2k/10k/50k/100kHz 50/100/120Hz/1k/2k/10kHz
Display Primary/Secondary : 50,000 counts
Output Impedance 100Ω
Basic Accuracy 0.2%
Test Speed Slow: 2.5 times/s, Fast: 10 times/s
Test Signal Level 0.3V/0.7V/1.0Vrms selectable
Test Parameters C-D, C-Q, C-R, L-D, L-Q, L-R, L-Rdc, R-Q, R-X, R-Rdc, Rdc, Z-D, Z-Q, Z-θr, Z-θd
Equivalent Circuit Series / Parallel selectable




LCR-1000 Series Outlook







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