GW Instek is committed to cultivating future technology talents




GW Instek, a leading manufacturer of advanced test and measurement instruments in Taiwan, has long been actively supporting and nurturing young students in Taiwan's vocational education in their innovative capabilities in basic electronics/electrical engineering. In the recently concluded "National Skills Competition" on July 16, 2023, the largest annual event for vocational education and training in Taiwan, GW Instek actively participated and sponsored advanced instruments throughout the regional electronic vocational competitions in the northern, central, and southern Taiwan, all the way to the national finals.


The National Skills Competition in Taiwan has entered its 53rd year and serves as a significant platform for young students to showcase their professional skills in vocational education. It attracts talented individuals from various vocational fields to compete against each other every year. The victorious young competitors in the competition have the opportunity to represent the country in the Asian Skills Competition and the World Skills Competition.


As a long-term sponsor of the National Skills Competition, GW Instek adheres to its commitment to vocational education by providing high-quality, user-friendly test and measurement instruments  to enable young students to confidently demonstrate their skills in both the future workplace and various competitions.


As the technical consultant for GW Instek test and measurement instruments at the venue, Zhang, Yaqian pointed out that the oscilloscopes, signal generators, power supplies, and digital multimeters provided by GW Instek are familiar equipment for the competitors throughout their journey from school to the competition. They don't have to worry about signal stability issues or readjusting to instrument operations. Instead, they can focus their crucial time on problem-solving and confidently face various challenges.


GW Instek indicates that its long-term support for the National Skills Competition is an important investment in Taiwan's future technology talents. In addition to providing high-quality test and measurement instruments to young competitors, GW Instek also offers on-site professional technical guidance, allowing the competitors to focus on their skills and demonstrate their best abilities. As Taiwan acquired the right to host the 2025 Asian Skills Competition for the first time.


GW Instek will further expand its sponsorship of advanced instruments to enable participants from various countries to personally experience the research and development efforts GW Instek has invested in precision test and measurement instruments across the three major competition categories of hardware, software, and assembly testing. GW Instek aims to become the best help for competitors in test and measurement instruments.


GW Instek believes that continued investment in vocational education and professional training for young students will establish a strong technical foundation for Taiwan and enhance its future competitiveness.