GSM-20H10 Product Strategy and Status



Dear Friends,


Due to the name change of GSM-20H10, marcom materials including 2023 General Catalog, 2023 Power Supplies Catalog, 2023 Short Form, GSM-20H10 Brochure and Datasheet (English version) will be invalid as of July 1, 2023.


GW Instek will stop distributing the above-mentioned printed marcom materials from July 1, 2023. All website marcom materials containing old name of GSM-20H10 have been revised. We recommend that you use website materials for the time being.



New marcom materials are in the printing process. Starting from mid-July, the HQs will first release printed Short Form to all subsidiaries, distributors and customers, and followed by General Catalog at the end of August.


We appreciate your understanding and support as we undergo this transition. 




Stephen Wu
Director of Business Development Unit