GW Instek Unveils The New LCR-8200A High-Frequency LCR Meter



GW Instek High Frequency LCR Tester ~ The LCR-8200A is an extended series of the existing LCR-8200 series, providing test frequencies up to 50MHz. This extended series features a 7-inch color display with high measurement accuracy (0.08%), the same as the LCR-8200 series. The measurement results can be presented in numerical or graphical form depending on the selected measurement mode, allowing users to judge the characteristics of the DUT in the best way.


At the same time, a full range of standard interfaces such as USB device / RS-232C / Handler and GPIB allow users to control the instrument by the most familiar interface without worrying about additional hardware investment costs. Furthermore, the series also provides USB storage function when operating in the graphics mode. The measured characteristic curves and values of the DUT are saved for subsequent analysis. The wide variety of features of the LCR-8200A can help users easily respond to the test requirements of passive components in R&D, engineering, and production.


There are 2 main differences between LCR-8200A and LCR-8200:

  1. Different frequency ranges: LCR-8200 provides 5 models, the highest frequency of each model is 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz and 30MHz; and LCR-8200A also provides 5 models, but the highest frequency of each model is 5MHz, 10MHz, 20MHz, 30MHz and 50MHz.
  2. Equivalent Circuit Model Analysis: LCR-8200A provides 7 different equivalent circuit models which are using circuit components to form a specific circuit network, to characterize the operational characteristics of the circuit or analysis of its performance and to discover any scope of further modification.



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