GW Instek Launches The New ASR-3400HF Programmable AC/DC Power Source


GW Instek launches the new ASR-3400HF Programmable AC/DC Power Source to augment the ASR-3000 series with the extended model. ASR-3400HF provides the same output capacity and function as that of ASR-3400. The only difference is that ASR-3400HF output frequency can reach 5 kHz (Crest factor = 4).


The AC output frequency of ASR-3400HF is up to 5 kHz, which is suitable for avionics industry equipment while operating at nominal 400 Hz, 800 Hz or up to 5,000 Hz for conducting immunity tests.



ASR-3000 Series Operating Mode


Model Name Power Rating Max. Output Current Max. Output Voltage
ASR-3200 2k VA 20 / 10 A 400 Vrms / ±570 Vdc
ASR-3300 3k VA 30 / 15 A 400Vrms / ±570 Vdc
ASR-3400 4k VA 40 / 20 A 400 Vrms / ±570 Vdc
ASR-3400HF 4k VA 40 / 20 A  400 Vrms / ±570 Vdc



Difference Between ASR-3400 and ASR-3400HF





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