PEL-500 Series DC Electronic Load New Product Announcement


The PEL-500 series single-channel electronic load has a total of 5 models and provides 0~80V/ 0~500V voltage operating ranges and 250~700W power operating range. The series can be applied to R&D, quality control, ATE system and production test, including voltage source/current source test; switching power supply transient response; constant voltage mode for current limiting test; battery simulation; and battery discharge test.

The PEL-500 series provides a 5-digit digital display of voltage, current and power. Users can monitor the measurement data of the DUT at the same time. In order to facilitate users to evaluate whether the DUT can withstand the overshoot current, the PEL-500 series provides Surge test, which can simulate the boot overshoot current and the transient current from hot plugging. The built-in battery discharge test function can determine the conditions for stopping the discharge according to the test requirements of the DUT, including setting the discharge stop voltage (Vbatt), discharge capacity (AH, WH) and stop discharge time.

Users can set the loading voltage/unloading voltage of the PEL-500 series for testing according to the characteristics of the DUT. When the output voltage of the DUT rises to the loading voltage value, the loading starts. When the output voltage drops to the unloading voltage, the loading ends. Users can use the GO/NG function to pre-set the judgment conditions according to the function and specifications of the DUT. The PEL-500 series will automatically generate the judgment results according to the set judgment conditions during the test.


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