2022 EDM



For the typical safety test of a component that requires cross-testing between multiple points (such as a power filter or a meter terminal block or a transformer), other than the Hipot test (withstanding voltage and insulation resistance) between all lines and grounding, Hipot test between lines is also necessary.


This test can become very time consuming when connecting test leads from one terminal to another. Hence, a multi-channel scanner is a useful equipment when testing components with multi-point interactive testing requirements.




             Test connection


Figure1: GPT-9513 connection to a 3 – Phase meter terminal set


            Test procedure



Figure2: GPT-9513 AUTO test configuration



In addition, GPT-9513 also supports the export/import function of setting parameters, which can avoid the errors from repeating inputs, and can also quickly and easily expand the production test station.



Figure3: Import/Export of Setting Parameters



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